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Keep This In Your Spiritual Toolbox For An Extra Dose Of Calm & Protection

Don't forget to charge it!

#crystals #energy #chakras
Sarah Regan
November 18 2022

Are You Practicing Spirituality — Or Spiritual Materialism? How To Keep It Real

"While spirituality is on the rise, it's also climbing within the mecca of materialism in the modern world."

#crystals #Tarot #Journey #Purpose
Devon Barrow
November 15 2022

Crystal Experts Say This Stone Is Perfect For Scorpio & Sagittarius

It's a major vibe booster.

#crystals #energy #astrology
Sarah Regan
November 2 2022

Reach For This Next Time You Need To Clear Your Mind, Experts Say

Your chakras will thank you.

#crystals #chakras
Sarah Regan
October 31 2022

This Dazzling Crystal Can Help You Amplify Your Intentions, Experts Say

Plus how to take care of it.

#crystals #energy
Sarah Regan
October 16 2022

Need A Little Motivation? Add This To Your Spiritual Toolbox

It's great for your root chakra, too.

#crystals #energy #chakras #empowerment
Sarah Regan
October 7 2022

Calling All Libras: These 13 Crystals Can Help You Live Your Best Life

From aquamarine to green aventurine, they all support balance and boundaries.

#crystals #astrology
Sarah Regan
September 15 2022

Born In September? Here's What To Know About Your Birthstone

Including its spiritual meanings.

#crystals #energy
Sarah Regan
September 15 2022

Want More Love In Your Life? Don't Miss This Gorgeous Pink Crystal

There's always room for more love in our lives.

#crystals #energy
Sarah Regan
September 5 2022

13 Crystals To Turn Up The Heat In The Love & Romance Department

And open up your heart chakra!

#crystals #energy
Sarah Regan
August 29 2022

This Earthy Green Stone Is Perfect For Tuning Up Your Chakras

Adding this crystal to your collection is sure to support you—and maybe even your garden too.

#crystals #gardening #energy
Sarah Regan
August 16 2022

Hey, August Babies — Here's Everything To Know About Your Birthstone

It's associated with happiness—and the heart chakra.

#crystals #energy
Sarah Regan
August 8 2022

The One Spiritual Tool You Need If You're Feeling Down On Your Luck

It's known to promote hopefulness.

#crystals #manifesting #energy
Sarah Regan
July 24 2022

The Absolute Best Crystal For Whenever You're Feeling Stressed About Life

It's great for opening your third eye, too.

#crystals #energy #chakras
Sarah Regan
July 15 2022

Calling All July Babies: Here's What To Know About Your Unique Birthstone

Each month of the year has its own designated birthstone.

#crystals #energy
Sarah Regan
July 11 2022

Yes, You Can Use Crystals In Your Skin Care Routine — Here's How

Because your self-care routine isn't just skin deep.

#diy beauty #skin care #crystals #Traditional Chinese Medicine
Hannah Frye
May 31 2022

Need More Courage & Motivation In Your Life? Reach For This Powerhouse Crystal

It's great for your sacral chakra, too.

#crystals #confidence
Sarah Regan
May 30 2022

Activate Your Highest Potential With This Stunning Crystal Companion

And break through limiting beliefs, too.

Sarah Regan
May 26 2022