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Here's What You Need To Know About The Pink Moon & How To Work With It

Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Writer By Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Writer
Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Writer, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.
What The Pink Moon Is All About & How To Work With Its Energy

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Every full moon has a different name depending on the month it falls in, and April's full moon is traditionally called the Pink Moon in the Northern Hemisphere. No, it's not actually pink—but it is a rosy lunation for full moon rituals.

Read on to find out more about this special moon, plus how to work with it, according to experts.

What is a Pink Moon?

The full moon in April has been coined the "Pink Moon" since it falls during the time of year when the moss pink wildflower blooms in North America, modern mystic and author of Astrology SOS Imani Quinn, tells mbg.

It has also been called the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Fish Moon, and the Egg Moon—all of which have ties to the season in which this moon arrives.

Mark your calendars because this year, the Pink Moon is arriving at 2:57 p.m. EST, on Saturday, April 16. It also happens to be a super moon. "The super moon basically means that it's closer to Earth, so it's bigger, it's brighter, and from a spiritual and energetic place, it's more potent," Quinn explains.

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The spiritual meaning of the pink moon.

Full moons are the culmination of the lunar cycle. As such, full moons and the days surrounding them are a wonderful time to release anything that's weighing you down. The Pink Moon falls during spring, so it also deals with themes of rebirth after the winter.

As mbg's resident astrologers, the AstroTwins, previously wrote for mbg, "Named for the first pink flowers of spring, use this moon to charge your magical tools outside while connecting with nature."

When the Pink Moon is the first full moon of the spring season, it is also called a "Paschal Moon." Easter Sunday always comes the Sunday following the Paschal Moon. Like full moons themselves, Easter is typically a time to think about rebirth.

These themes can help inform any rituals that you do to celebrate the Pink Moon. Quinn adds that it's also important to note the astrological sign that the moon falls in whenever you're planning lunar rituals.

In 2022, the Pink Moon will be in Libra, and it falls during Aries season. With any luck, its Libra energy will help us balance out Aries' adventurous spirit and get some rest during this exciting time of year.

7 Pink Moon rituals to try:

1. Hold a full moon circle.

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Amp up the potency of your full moon activities by doing them with a group of kindred spirits in a full moon circle. As a group, you can set intentions, listen to each other, and let go of anything holding you back, together.

"You can get as creative as you want with these–candles, incense, chanting, dancing, even a playlist tailored to the full moon's astrological sign," the AstroTwins say.

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2. Meditate.

Quinn and the twins both agree that the full moon is a powerful time for meditation. You can do the following meditation on its own, or as the twins suggest, do it before any other full moon rituals to get in the right mindset:

  1. Sit comfortably in a space where the moonlight is visible.
  2. Close your eyes and feel the moon's beams fill the room and your body.
  3. Focus on your breath and the intention you've set.
  4. Imagine the moonlight enveloping and purifying your body, mind, and spirit.
  5. Slowly bring your attention back to the room and open your eyes.
  6. Repeat as many times as you'd like in the three to five hours before or after the full moon.

3. Charge your crystals.

Quinn tells mbg that every full moon is a great time to charge up your crystals, or any other ritual tools you like working with that could benefit from some moonlight. And again, the Pink Moon, in particular, is an excellent time to connect with the earth after winter.

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4. Make moon water.

Moon water has so many uses, and it couldn't be easier to make. All you have to do is fill a clean jar or container with fresh water and leave it in the moonlight overnight (even inside on a windowsill would do), with an intention in mind for how you'd like to use it. Check out our full guide to making moon water for more tips!

5. Release what's no longer serving you.

If there's anything you've been holding on to that needs to be let go of, now's the time to do it. After all, this full moon kicks off spring, and we don't need to bring old baggage into a fresh season.

There are a ton of rituals for releasing, but for a simple one, Quinn recommends writing down whatever you want to release on a piece of paper. Under the light of the full moon, burn the piece of paper (safely!) as you energetically let go of what you wrote down.

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6. Do an oracle or tarot card reading.

Fancy a little divination? As Gabriela Herstik, author of Inner Witch, previously explained to mbg, full moons are a powerful time for peeking into the future, so she recommends trying out an oracle or tarot reading under la luna.

You can tailor your questions to themes of this particular moon, such as rebirth, release, and the spring season.

7. Draw a full moon bath.

And last but certainly not least, Quinn and the twins are both big fans of taking a moon bath on the night of the full moon. Bonus points if you add your moon water to the tub!

To connect with springtime energy in your bath, Quinn recommends incorporating seasonal treats like lavender essential oil and flowers currently in bloom.

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The bottom line.

Each and every full moon is a powerful opportunity to check in with yourself, let go of what's no longer serving you, and set intentions for the remainder of the lunar cycle. In the case of this year's Pink Moon, balance is the name of the game, as well as releasing to make room for rebirth, in order to get the most out of this potent lunar energy.

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