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Black Tourmaline Is A Crystal You Don't Want To Miss — Here's Why, According To Experts

Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Writer By Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Writer
Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Writer, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.
The One Crystal Your Collection Is Missing For Grounding & Protection
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When you're browsing your local occult shop, you're likely drawn to light, sparkly crystals—but don't let that steer you away from black tourmaline. Here's why crystal experts say it's a must for your collection, plus how you can work with it for the best results.

What is black tourmaline?

Black tourmaline is a variety of tourmaline, which is a crystalline boron silicate mineral. According to Yulia Van Doren, author of Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing and founder of Goldirocks, it's actually the most abundant (and affordable) type of tourmaline, and it's filled with iron, resulting in its rich, dark color.

And as Ashley Leavy, founder and educational director of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy tells mbg, black tourmaline is primarily found in Brazil and China, though it can also be found in Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar, and more.

"A lot of iron-based minerals have this historical connection—and modern connection—with protection," Leavy notes, adding that true black tourmaline will always be opaque. "You shouldn't really be able to see light through it. If you see any light passing through it, it's probably a dry white tourmaline or a really, really dark green or even a really dark blue tourmaline."

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Benefits of black tourmaline:

1. It's known to offer protection.

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As Van Doren and Leavy explain, the two primary properties of black tourmaline are protection and grounding. "It's a go-to stone for protection and for shielding or the removal of unwanted energy," Leavy says, adding, it can be helpful if you know you're going into a situation that will be difficult or challenging.

2. It's grounding.

Along with being protective, black tourmaline is also a crystal that will help you come back down to earth, so to speak. As Van Doren explains, it can help offset more high-energy crystals that aren't so grounding, with Leavy adding it helps to keep you present and centered.

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3. It can enhance motivation.

Leavy tells mbg that black tourmaline is also great for increasing motivation. "I think that's because it really ties you in with the energy of the earth," she adds.

4. It clears away negative energy.

And lastly, black tourmaline can be helpful for clearing negative energy, whether it be negative thought cycles or patterns or simply offering a general "shield."

"It cleanses your energy body, particularly when paired with a stone like selenite or Satin Spar," Leavy says. "It has this great ability to keep you mindful of the present moment and really tuned in to what's going on."

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How to use black tourmaline:

Place it in your home for protection.

One of the most common ways to use black tourmaline is to simply keep it in your home for protection. Van Doren says she thinks of it like a bodyguard or guard dog: "It protects the boundaries of your space, so it's good to keep it near the entrances of your home, your office, or wherever you spend time," she says.

Keep it on you when you're out and about.

Of course, it's also a good stone to keep on you whenever you're out in the world, especially if you know you're going into a difficult situation. Van Doren recommends keeping one in your car, as well.

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Sleep with it nearby.

Leavy recommends keeping some black tourmaline nearby while you sleep, whether you stash one under your mattress or keep it on your nightstand. Thanks to its grounding and protective energy, it'll help you unwind before bed and sleep with a little extra feeling of protection.

Combine it with other crystals.

As aforementioned, Leavy suggests using black tourmaline in tandem with satin spar or selenite, which can help cleanse your energy body. You can simply keep them side by side, or meditate with both of them in your hands.

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Cleansing & charging your crystal.

Any of your preferred methods for cleansing and charging crystals will work well for black tourmaline, as it's a pretty durable crystal, according to Van Doren. It isn't negatively affected by water or sunlight, so those are both good options for giving yours a good clean.

Leavy does note that if you're working with a Brazilian variety of black tourmaline that's very striated, you might want to avoid water, but other types (such as round, tumbled stones) should be fine.

Whether you opt for cleansing with sound, moonlight, or sunlight, your black tourmaline will hold up just fine.


Which zodiac sign is black tourmaline associated with?

Leavy tells mbg that black tourmaline is connected with the zodiac signs of Scorpio, Libra, and Capricorn. "People with those sun signs will find that black tourmaline will be especially supportive for them," she adds.

Which chakra is associated with black tourmaline?

Given its dark color and grounding qualities, black tourmaline is associated with the root chakra (which is all about grounding and protection).

Is it a good crystal to sleep with?

Yes, you can sleep with black tourmaline—and you may just find it helps you feel safer when you sleep. "If you're someone that has really intense dreams and you're looking for a good night's sleep, you might try working with some black tourmaline," Leavy says.

How should it be worn as jewelry?

Black tourmaline is very commonly seen in jewelry, whether it be necklaces, bracelets, or rings. It's fine to have it against your skin, and wearing it as jewelry is an excellent way to keep it on you whenever you need some grounding or protection.

The bottom line.

Black tourmaline might not be the flashiest crystal in the shop, but it's still very much worth having when you could use some protection. As Van Doren tells mbg, it's a basic building-block stone and a must-have for any crystal collection.

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