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Trataka Sadhana 101: How To Deepen Your Next Meditation Using Candles

Candle gazing gives your eyes something to focus on so you can get more from your meditation.

Sarah Regan
February 17 2021

How I Redefined Meditation To Be An Attainable Daily Practice

Meditation can go beyond sitting in silence.

Jessica Zweig
February 17 2021

How To Calm Down Instantly By Simply "Scanning" Your Right Hand

Body scanning is an excellent way to help calm the body and, in turn, the mind.

Sarah Regan
January 28 2021

A (Tasty!) Heart-Opening Practice To Elevate Your Breakfast Routine

Cacao has a long-standing history of opening the heart and boosting mood.

Sarah Regan
January 14 2021

Dropping Into Meditation Can Be Hard: Here Are 5 Tried-And-True Tips

It's no secret dropping into meditation can be challenging.

Sarah Regan
January 13 2021

A Lung Doctor & A Breathwork Teacher Demystify The Box Breath

Pro tip: The sharp angles of this one may take some getting used to.

Emma Loewe
December 9 2020

Put Down The Mouthwash: Here's What An MD Recommends For Bad Breath

Put down the oral rinse: Here's what an MD recommends for feeling clean.

Jamie Schneider
October 24 2020