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Tired Of The Same Yoga Poses? Here's How To Spice Up Your Practice

For those days when getting on your mat feels like a chore.

Ava Johanna
June 19 2019

Congested People Want To Know: Can You Do Breathwork With Allergies?

Kind of. But there are some things you should know first.

Emma Loewe
June 18 2019

Want To Fall Asleep Faster? Try This Breathing Exercise Tonight

Who knew you could use a blender to make a face mask in minutes?

June 14 2019

Feeling Overwhelmed? Try This Simple Relaxing Exercise

You can do this anywhere, anytime for a greater sense of calm.

Sarah Bowen
June 3 2019

This Personality Type Struggles With Job Interviews — But Here's How To Nail 'Em

"The key is balancing your introverted strengths with a touch of borrowed, extroverted energy."

Jane Finkle
May 31 2019

We've Been Stretching The Wrong Way — Here Are The Ultimate Do's & Don'ts

How to stretch correctly before and after a workout to maximize results and recovery.

A 5-Minute Guided Meditation With Benefits That'll Last All Day

A quick meditation to lean on through those crazy-busy motherhood moments.

Deborah Hanekamp
May 8 2019

This Quick Ritual Will Illuminate How To Boost Your Home's Design

Take a moment to be an explorer in your own space.

Emma Loewe
April 28 2019

How Using Meals As A Breath Session Can Make Your Digestion 100X Better

Anyone celebrating Easter or Passover this weekend, this one's for you.

Lauren Chelec Cafritz
April 19 2019

Teaching Kids Yoga To Help Them Overcome Trauma: Welcome To Project Peaceful Warriors

How one female entrepreneur and her team are changing the lives of children dealing with trauma.

Ray Bass, NASM-CPT
April 10 2019

Two Grounding Breathing Exercises For When You're Stressed At Work

Breathe in and out, and watch the stress melt away.

Ashley Neese
April 9 2019