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Two Grounding Breathing Exercises For When You're Stressed At Work

Breathe in and out, and watch the stress melt away.

Ashley Neese
April 9 2019

These Two Quick Breathing Practices Will Calm Your Racing Thoughts

They take less than 10 minutes and will transform your day!

Caroline Muggia
March 25 2019

Here's Why You Should Be Doing Core Exercises That Have Nothing To Do With Abs

Why core exercises can benefit way more than just your abs, including breathing, injury prevention, and pelvic floor function.

Erica Ziel
March 7 2019

The Meditation Technique That Transformed My Sleep

"It's the first time that I didn't want a meditation to end."

Emma Loewe
March 4 2019

Sophrology 101: Learn All About France's Best-Kept Secret For Reducing Stress

You heard it here first: This is the latest mind-body practice that can help manage your stress.

Emma Loewe
October 8 2018

5 Ways Breathwork Can Support A Mindful Pregnancy

How breathwork can help your body create another body

Ashley Neese
September 23 2018