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Feeling Low-Energy? Try Strengthening Your Breathing Muscles

Neglecting these muscles is like going to the gym and spending the whole time doing forearm curls.

Belisa Vranich, Ph.D.
March 15 2020

Here's A Calming Meditation Ideal For Overwhelmed Water Signs

To help get out of an emotional tailspin and back on solid ground.

Sarah Regan
March 3 2020

Ellie Kemper's Unbreakable Approach To Promoting A Balanced Lifestyle

The actress prioritizes balance for herself and her sons.

Abby Moore
February 27 2020

Two Techniques To Stop Tantrums In Their Tracks, From A Pediatrician

Stephen Cowan, M.D., has specific exercises to quell any outburst you may face.

Jason Wachob
February 25 2020

Alleviate Lower-Back Pain & Calm Your Nervous System With This Ancient Yoga Practice

With time, patience, and grace, you'll become a pro at this challenging practice.

Sara Lindberg, M.Ed., B.S.
February 22 2020

This Lesser-Known Yoga Practice Is Arguably The Most Accessible

But what makes it different from other types—and why is it so loved by beginners and advanced yogis alike?

Amanda Tarlton, RYT-200
February 20 2020

The Incredible Power Of The Breath & How To Tap Into It On Demand

A practitioner breaks down what you need to know to begin your own breathwork practice.

Gwen Dittmar
February 16 2020

3 Beginner Breathwork Techniques & The Best Time Of Day To Do Them

Feeling sleepy, stressed, or angry? There's a breath for that.

Gwen Dittmar
February 13 2020

How To Meditate For Anxiety: 3 Beginner Tricks & Techniques

The next time you feel panicked, come back to the breath.

Lily Silverton
February 12 2020

How To Thrive During The Holidays As An Empath, According To A Psychiatrist

During this holiday season, give yourself the gift of quiet spaces.

Judith Orloff, M.D.
December 9 2019