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Tummo vs. The Wim Hof Method: What's The Difference & Is One Better?

You've probably heard of Wim Hof, but have you heard of tummo breath?

Sarah Regan
August 10 2021

Activate Your Inner Fire With This Ancient Tibetan Breath Practice

Tummo breathing can provide a deep meditative state.

Sarah Regan
August 3 2021

This 5-Minute Breath Practice Might Lower Blood Pressure As Much As Exercise

It was found to be just as effective as meds or exercise for lowering blood pressure.

Sarah Regan
July 6 2021

This Surprising Low-Lift Trick Is The Key To Soothing Anxious Kids

The next time a difficult situation arises for your child, try this.

How To Do The Humming Bee Breath To Reduce Inflammation, De-Stress & More

This simple breath practice has numerous applications.

Dylan Werner
February 25 2021