Danielle Massi


Danielle Massi was diagnosed with cervical cancer right before her thirtieth birthday and her whole world was turned upside down. She became curious to find out what caused the disease and learned that the root cause of cancer and other autoimmune diseases is stress. It was this discovery that led her to shadow work, a holistic healing practice that aims to reduce stress by releasing traumas buried in the unconscious mind.

Now, as a cervical cancer survivor, Danielle is helping thousands of others to learn how to heal their minds and bodies using shadow work. Using her shadow work programs and her new book Shadow Work, Danielle gives in-depth instruction on how to practice shadow work to live a happier and healthier life.

Other than being a best-selling author, Danielle is also the CEO of The Wellness Collective and the founder of the SELF(ish)philly conference. In January, as a part of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, Danielle has decided to partner with Philly businesses to hold fundraisers for cervical cancer research.