Molly Maloof, M.D.

Molly Maloof, M.D.

Medical Doctor

Molly Maloof, M.D. has a goal is to maximize human potential by dramatically extending human healthspan through personal health technologies, scientific wellness, & educational media. She founded her first technology company focused on bringing continuous glucose monitoring to the masses to optimize nutrition and health (currently in stealth). She teaches a course at Stanford University on strategies for extending healthspan for greater lifespan. Her medical practice is focused on providing health optimization & personalized medicine to San Francisco & Silicon Valley investors, executives, & entrepreneurs. She has also worked as an advisor or consultant to 28 companies in biotechnology, wearable technology, personalized nutrition, & digital health helping with medical research, clinical strategy, and product development. She is a globally recognized speaker. Maloof is a pioneer in health technologies that enable more of us to own our own health, practice data-driven self-care so that we can perform better, have greater wellbeing, and live a better quality of life for longer.



What is your wellness philosophy?

We need to create a new health care system that aims for giving people what they truly want: real health. This means, “The ability to adapt and self-manage, in the face of social, physical, and emotional challenges.” To achieve this goal, we must cultivate global wellness consciousness and transform medicine from a reactive, pharma & surgical based industry focused on pathogenesis (origins of disease) to a personalized, predictive, preventive and participatory practice focused on salutogenesis (origins of health). How will we do this together? First, we need to open people’s minds to what medicine could be and could do. To create healthier habits and change patient behavior we have to give doctors the ability to prescribe the exercise as medicine, sleep as medicine, community as medicine, food as medicine, apps as medicine, wearables as medicine, love as medicine, psychedelics as medicine, and clean air & water as medicine. If we can move the dial from 5% of people to 50% of the population following best practices of wellness we will be healthier, more productive, more fulfilled, live longer and be wealthier."

What does You. We. All. mean to you?

A big part of my beliefs around health stem from the importance of connection -- to yourself, to your family & community, to your country, to nature and the Earth and to the universe. In a world that is more connected than ever and yet where people are more disconnected than ever, it's pretty important that we sort out how to better connect with ourselves and the world in nourishing and wholesome ways.

What's your favorite ritual?

I love bathing and spa time. Anything relating to hot springs, sauna, cold plunge, steam showers, etc.

What’s your best piece of wellness advice?

The three main causes of mitochondrial damage & disease are inactivity, too much stress and overeating -- so the path to disease prevention is moving more, meditation, and fasting. These are free and they will change your life.