Nidhi Pandya

Ayurvedic practitioner

Nidhi is a New York-based Ayurvedic Doctor and the creator of the Cosmic Alignment Method (TM). Her groundbreaking approach distills Ayurvedic practices and Vedic wisdom into three core principles that govern everything on the planet. Her non-prescriptive method focuses on awakening cellular intelligence so one can make choices that lead to happiness and fulfillment.

Raised in India, Nidhi was immersed in Vedic wisdom from birth, drawing inspiration from her grandfather, a respected Ayurvedic healer. Her journey led her to formal education in holistic health, culminating in her becoming an Ayurvedic Doctor.

She currently works with women and teaches The Cosmic Alignment Methodâ„¢ in a 21-day Radical Transformation Program.

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