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Can Your Attachment Style Change Over Time? A Therapist Explains

Your attachment style is typically blueprinted in childhood. Can it ever change?

Kiaundra Jackson, LMFT
July 21 2021

Does Your New Social Life Stress You Out? 5 Ways To Find Calm

Tips to help you keep your calm as the world reopens.*

Devon Barrow
July 6 2021

Many Kids Are Struggling To Return To "Normal" Social Life: 5 Ways To Help

Some kids are struggling. Do you suspect your child is hiding out? Here's what to do.

This Surprising Low-Lift Trick Is The Key To Soothing Anxious Kids

The next time a difficult situation arises for your child, try this.

Forget FOMO: 5 Healthy Reasons To Embrace The Joy Of Missing Out Right Now

"This last year and a half has shown me that life is precious, fleeting, and we never know what is going to happen."

Being Black In America Comes With A Unique Kind Of Anxiety. Here Are 4 Ways To Cope

There is a sickness in our society that has given you (as a Black person) plenty of reason to worry.

Rheeda Walker, Ph.D.
June 19 2021

Why EMDR Therapy Is Effective For PTSD & Other Trauma

What I have always loved about this work is that people get better.

Deborah Korn, Psy.D.
May 26 2021