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Feeling Anxious Or Stressed? These Are The 19 Best Crystals To Reach For

Sarah Regan
May 8, 2023
Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
By Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

Certain crystals are best suited for different things, and the key to working with them is understanding which ones to go for, and further, how to work with them on your spiritual journey. When it comes to feeling stressed or anxious, you'll want to go for stones that are grounding and protective—so we rounded up the best.

Here are the 19 best crystals for anxiety, plus how to use them, according to spirituality experts:

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  • Helps with peace of mind
  • Offers protection from negative thought patterns
  • Boosts intuition

Amethyst is a variety of the mineral quartz, characterized by its signature purple hue. According to crystal expert and co-founder of Energy Muse Heather Askinosie, amethyst's high-vibrational purple color guides you to turn inward so you can get back to a state of equilibrium.

"On a deep soul level, your spirit knows that you have everything you need to find inner peace," she previously told mindbodygreen, adding that it helps "ease away any disturbances, distractions, or anything else taking up space in your mind."

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Clear quartz

  • Amplifies intentions
  • Attracts positivity
  • Repels negativity

It wouldn't be a crystal roundup without mention of clear quartz, which is revered for all its properties and benefits. Indeed, many of those properties are great for relieving anxiety, with Ashley Leavy, founder and educational director of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy, previously telling mindbodygreen that one of clear quartz's primary benefits is helping promote a clear, calm mind.

"We can see how that's kind of mimicked in the appearance of the stone," Leavy explains, with Askinosie adding that clear quartz has "long been revered for helping to balance the body and clear the mind."



  • Helps to stop worry
  • Brings serenity
  • Opens you to higher truth & consciousness

Next up, we have celestite (derived from the Latin word caelestis, meaning "celestial"), which is a mineral made of strontium sulfate. As Askinosie previously wrote for mindbodygreen, "This stone's heavenly blue color can help drum up the kind of peace and happiness we get when looking up at the sky on a clear day. It's an ideal crystal to place in your bedroom to bring tranquillity and a harmonious energy field and encourage restful sleep."

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  • Energy clearing in the body
  • Energy clearing in a space
  • Enhances spirituality

Selenite is a translucent white color and energetically cleanses the aura and provides clarity. It also can be used to bring awareness to the higher self, including past and future lives.

As Leavy notes, selenite is mainly used for energetic cleansing, including cleansing feelings of anxiousness. "I'd say that's the primary go-to meaning or purpose for working with selenite," she adds.

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  • Inspires clarity and focus
  • Boosts confidence
  • Promotes a positive mood

Citrine is a crystal of light, happiness, and presence, according to Askinosie. This sunny crystal "encourages us to dream big, maintain a positive state of mind, and walk through life with gratitude," Askinosie explains, adding, "Holding one serves as a friendly reminder to be really mindful and appreciate the world as it is right now."

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Black tourmaline

  • Offers protection from negativity
  • Grounding
  • Clears negative energy

Leavy tells mindbodygreen that if you need grounding fast, go for black tourmaline. This stone can help "keep you grounded and rooted in reality and also rooted in our vision and what it is that we're trying to work toward," she explains.

And as Askinosie notes, "Black tourmaline acts like an energy bodyguard, and its deep black color can help repel any negative energy before it has a chance to enter your life."


Smoky quartz

  • Grounding
  • Protective
  • Reignites passion

Smoky quartz is a quartz variety that can offer protection and grounding, much like petrified wood and black tourmaline, Leavy tells mindbodygreen. Plus, it can help you ward off negative energy that's holding you and your manifestations back, according to Askinosie.

"Meditating while holding this crystal in your hand can help you identify and let go of stale, sticky patterns and beliefs that are holding you back," Askinosie says, adding, "Energetically speaking, removing this old energy can help clear space for new and more positive energy to flutter in."



  • Grounding
  • Encourages mindfulness
  • Protective

Along with supporting feelings of grounding, hematite also encourages mindfulness. It's actually often magnetic, which Askinosie says further boosts its connection to the Earth.

"For those times when you feel like you just can't find your foundation, hematite will be there to support you," Askinosie says, adding, "Its grounding energy is there to help you feel safe, centered, and secure no matter where you are or what you are confronting."


Rose quartz

  • Encourages self-compassion
  • Releases emotional baggage
  • Opens the heart chakra

Sometimes when we're feeling anxious, what we really need is self-compassion and an open heart, which is where rose quartz comes in. As Askinosie explains, "Use this chakra stone with the intention to nurture and support you on your journey to find self-love, and see what happens."

And according to spiritual author Emma Mildon, rose quartz is like "a Band-Aid for your heart—one that can help heal old love wounds, forgive lovers, and release any lingering emotional baggage."



  • Brings mental clarity
  • Connects you to divine feminine
  • Calming

Up next we have moonstone, which is known for its connection to the heart chakra, as well as intuition and good luck—all things to connect with when you're feeling stressed.

As crystal expert Karen Frazier previously told mindbodygreen, "Moonstone is a great calming stone, perfect for facilitating better sleep, promoting calmness, and for helping you to have meaningful dreams and supporting psychic vision and intuition."



  • Calming
  • Supports productivity
  • Supports inner harmony

Fluorite is thought to be a particularly good crystal for assisting with focus, clear thinking, and creative inspiration. "[Rainbow fluorite's] swirling bands of greens, purples, and blues have a calming effect on both mind and body," Yulia Van Doren, crystal expert and founder of Goldirocks, previously told mindbodygreen.

She considers it a great earth ally to keep on hand when you're working, studying, or just hoping to have a chill but productive day.



  • Amplifies hope
  • Connects you to your heart
  • Encourages empowerment

First and foremost, this is a stone all about helping you find hope (which, of course, translates into less stress as well). "Amazonite inspires a hopeful, empowering mindset so you can move forward with optimism.

Working with this crystal will train your mind to expect positive outcomes," Askinosie tells mindbodygreen, adding, "With this heightened sense of optimism, amazonite pulls you out of the darkness so you can stand in the light."



  • Offers hope in dark times
  • Grounding
  • Connects you to higher wisdom

Shungite is the ultimate grounding stone, and according to Askinosie, it can help quiet your mind and bring you back down to Earth as you work toward your goals.

And as Leavy previously told mindbodygreen, "Shungite encourages you to learn more, to do more, and to push onward toward the next spiritual breakthrough," adding, "It's also associated with great cosmic mysteries and is said to bring light during times of darkness or uncertainty."



  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Encourages self-compassion
  • Helps to release negative thought patterns

According to Leavy, rhodonite is an excellent crystal to work with if you're facing a big change, decision, or lesson. It helps us to honor our boundaries and make healthy decisions for ourselves, she explains, adding that it can also help you release the past.

"It helps you get rid of some of that baggage from the past, when you need to release fear or shame or resentment or regret," she says.


Tiger's eye

  • Grounding
  • Protective
  • Brings courage

Feeling like you're losing clarity on your path? Leavy recommends golden and/or blue tiger's-eye to help you stay clear on your vision. And according to energy artist Kalisa Augustine, tiger's-eye also brings a protective field to you and your energy and aids the law of attraction.

She previously recommended using it as a grounding tool, adding that it's an allover good-luck stone that has traditionally been associated with money—which is good news if you're facing financial stress.



  • Calming
  • Protective
  • Connects to the crown chakra

If you're having a hard time unwinding before bed, you might want to reach for some howlite. This borate mineral of calcium borosilicate hydroxide is not only thought to help facilitate peace of mind and a sense of calm but also offers protection and strengthens your connection to your crown chakra.

P.S. This is one crystal Askinosie likes to keep in her kids' rooms to help them settle in for the night.



  • Encourages mindfulness
  • Promotes peace
  • Connects to the third-eye and crown chakras

Being a soothing stone, lepidolite helps you come back to the present, according to Askinosie. "It helps you come into a very now moment, it calms you down, and it takes you out of worry and future tripping," she says, adding that it can help promote the inner calm necessary to move forward.

And according to Askinosie, lepidolite also promotes feelings of peace by helping you get out of your head. "It's the ultimate chill crystal," she says, noting that lepidolite takes you out of your head and drops you into your heart.



  • Calming
  • Helps you release negative thought patterns
  • Soothing

This precious light-blue-green stone, also the birthstone of March, is known metaphysically as the "stone of courage." It has a gentle, soothing energy that clears confusion and judgment—especially helpful for highly sensitive people who want to trust their intuition more.

In both Buddhism and Christianity, aquamarine is believed to promote a happy marriage, so if you're anxious about a relationship, this may be the stone to soothe your spirit.


Petrified wood

  • Grounding
  • Protective
  • Encourages strength

Last but not least, we have petrified wood—which may be a lesser-known stone but, according to Leavy, works similarly to black tourmaline in that it's protective and grounding.

If you're running up against roadblocks in your manifestations because you're struggling to say rooted and grounded, consider adding some petrified wood to your collection.

How to use crystals for anxiety:


Meditate with them.

For one of the simplest ways to work with any crystal, consider meditating with any of the aforementioned crystals that are grounding and calming, like howlite, black tourmaline, or amethyst. And you don't have to overthink it either—simply hold the crystal in your nondominant hand as you meditate, and consider working with an affirmation such as "I am calm," or "I am peaceful."


Place them under your pillow or near your bed.

If anxiousness has been keeping you up at night, the good news is, keeping a calming crystal under your pillow, mattress, or on your nightstand is a great way for its energy to stay with you all night. If this is what you're looking for, opt for stones like celestite, agate, or smoky quartz.


Keep them on your person or placed nearby.

And of course, having a crystal in your pocket, purse, or wearing it as jewelry is one of the easiest ways to keep a crystal's positive energy nearby. You can also keep crystals on your desk, in your car, or anywhere you find yourself feeling anxious.

Anytime you're doing something to de-stress—whether it be hiking, taking a bath, or doing yoga—having a stress-busting crystal with you can amplify that intention.


Which crystal is good for anxiety?

Amethyst is easily the most common crystal for anxiety, as it promotes inner peace, a clear head, and stronger intuition.

Which crystals are best for anxiety and sleep?

The best crystals for sleep include amethyst, moonstone, smoky quartz, shungite, and celestite.

Which chakra is blocked by anxiety?

Anxiety is related to the root chakra, which deals with fear, stability, and survival. When we feel anxious, the root chakra is blocked.

The takeaway

If you want to incorporate more crystals into your de-stressing routine, you've got plenty of options to start with. From calming you down before bed to helping you feel grounded during the day, there's a crystal for anything you need.

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Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, a registered yoga instructor, and an avid astrologer and tarot reader. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from State University of New York at Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.