Liana Werner-Gray

mbg Contributor

Liana Werner-Gray is a natural food chef and four-time best-selling author of The Earth Diet, Cancer-Free with Food, which is in the top 100 cancer books of all time (foreword by Mark Hyman, MD.), and 10-Minute Recipes (publisher Hay House, Random House/Penguin) and most recently Anxiety-Free with Food which ranked as the #1 best seller on amazon for Neuropsychology.

Liana is the founder of Liana’s Organics. which launched a supplement for anxiety. Liana overcame many health issues through nutrition; she believes that food is medicine. Liana is the Resident Health and Nutrition Coach at Complete Wellness NYC. She regularly appears on television including ABC News GMW, CBS, Doctors TV, Dr Oz, The Wendy Williams Show, News 12 NY, Fox News, and NBC.

Liana was born and raised in Outback Australia, and currently resides in New York where she has lived since 2010.

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