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4 Ways Your Environment Affects Your Microbiome, From An MD

How to maintain a healthy microbiome, based on how you live.

Abby Moore
February 29 2020

Researchers May Have Found A Cause & Treatment For This Common Gut Issue

A lack of some bacteria in the gut seems to be linked to this disease.

Eliza Sullivan
February 26 2020

This Is The Best Type Of Probiotic To Try If You're Feeling Bloated

Bifidobacteria vs. Lactobacillus: What's the difference and why it matters.

Lindsay Boyers
February 25 2020

This Gut Expert Wants You To Eat More Berries — Here's Why

We spoke to Mahmoud Ghannoum, Ph.D., about his favorite foods. This is why he thinks we should all eat more berries.

Eliza Sullivan
February 16 2020

Scientists Create "Mini-Guts" To Help Find A Treatment For Leaky Gut

Leaky gut is a condition in which the lining of the intestine literally "leaks" as a break in the lining allows microbes and other molecules to seep...

Christina Coughlin
February 11 2020

Why Am I Shedding So Much Hair? These 4 Reasons Might Explain It

We shed about 50 to 100 hairs on average each day. If you're shedding more, or if your hair has stopped growing in places altogether, keep reading.

Krista Soriano
December 5 2019