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These 7 Joyful Rituals Will Heal Your Gut & Make Your Skin Glow

The connection between the brain and gut is key to a glowing complexion. From supplements to oils to chocolate, these seven fun daily rituals will...

November 3 2016

This Simple Exercise Is Exactly What You Need To Recover From Your Workout

Those tight shoulders and quads don't stand a chance.

Lauren Roxburgh
August 23 2016

7 Ways To Reduce Chronic Inflammation That Have Nothing To Do With Diet

As a nutritionist, I believe that the best way to heal chronic inflammation is through your diet. But to truly win your battle against inflammation,...

Watsu: What It Is + Why You Should Add It To Your Wellness Routine

Watsu is a gentle massage performed in a shallow body of water. Massage will never be the same again.

Joanne Fedler
February 3 2016

Detox Your Body & Relax With This Ancient Self-Care Ritual

One of the things I've had to learn as an adult is the importance of self-love for the sake of well-being. Self-love can come in many forms: being...

Shiva Rose
January 19 2016

The ONE Thing You Need To Add To Your Self-Care Routine

If you've never heard of Maya Abdominal Massage, it's time to learn. This is an ancient Latin American technique of bodywork that uses slow, deep,...

Jill Ferguson
December 11 2015

The One Thing You've Never Tried To Get Vibrant, Youthful Skin

Will it hurt? How sore will I be tomorrow? Is it going to make me sweaty? How much equipment is involved?

Allie White
October 1 2015

10 Amazing "Natural" Beauty Treatments You Won't Believe Exist

"Beauty is pain," or so the saying goes. But what if beauty was actually lamb placenta facials and snake massages? Yeah, you read that right — those...

Allie White
September 25 2015

4 Simple Tips That Will Change The Way You Apply A Face Mask

Face masks come in all different colors, consistencies and smells (anyone who's ever used one with apple cider vinegar knows what I'm talking about!)....

Ola Abdelrahman
August 30 2015

A DIY Facial Massage For Radiant, Glowing Skin

Many of us are programmed to believe we need to keep our fingers and hands away from our face to maintain clear skin. We take our makeup off with...

Leah Klasovsky
July 14 2015

Why Facials & Massages Aren't Just For Pampering Yourself

The memories I have of the first time I ever gave a facial are so vivid in my mind. There I was, cradling someone’s face in my hands. Their eyes were...

Leah Klasovsky
May 11 2015

Like Massage? What You Need To Know Before Your Next Session

In my massage practice I am blessed with clients new and returning, all of whom are physically unique, have varying comfort zones, and other personal...

Carrie Mills
April 21 2015

4 Types Of Thai Massage You've Never Heard Of But Should Try

Traditional Thai massage has gained popularity in recent years due to its graceful yogic stretches, and ability to rejuvenate and manage various...

March 10 2015

7 Ways To Connect To Your Sexual Energy

Open and strong sexual energy contributes toward our vitality, creativity and sense of well-being.

Martha Lee, PhD
December 13 2014
PAID CONTENT FOR Melt: Massage for Couples

Why You Should Start Massaging Your Partner Tonight

There's something inherently sexy about massage between couples.

December 2 2014