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These Ice Cream Cookies Pack 41 Grams Of Protein For The Perfect Snack

Meet your new freezer staple.

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Why Women Need Carbs & How To Keep Them From Causing Chaos In The Body

Here's how to have your cake and eat it too (sans blood sugar crash).

#Blood Sugar #dessert #protein
Phoebe Lapine
March 26

My Favorite Hack For Eating 30+ Grams Of Protein For Dessert

With zero added sugar.

#protein #dessert #mbgsupplements
Emma Loewe
February 15

6-Ingredient Chocolate Protein Cookies From A Chef & Nutritionist

Satisfy your sweet tooth and get closer to your protein goal in one go.

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The Antioxidant-Rich Soup An Herbalist Wants You To Eat For Dessert

A sweet, vitamin-rich soup.

#Herbs #Vitamin C #soup #dessert
William Siff, LAc
January 7

Edible Cookie Dough With 30 Grams Of Protein? Not Too Good To Be True!

What are you waiting for?

#Collagen #mbgsupplements #dessert #snacks #protein
Jamie Schneider
December 28 2023

This Easy Chocolate Tart Recipe Is High In Fiber & Low In Sugar

You'd never know it's so wholesome.

#vegan #dessert
Grace O
December 13 2023

I'm A Behavioral Therapist & This Is The Key To Actually Lose Weight Long Term

Why aren't more people talking about this?

#mbgpodcast #manifesting #dessert
Jason Wachob
August 21 2023

This No-Bake Dessert Is A Sweet Treat Your Skin Will Thank You For

Thanks to one secret superstar ingredient.

#mbgsupplements #Collagen #dessert
Sarah Regan
March 24 2023

Craving Post-Lunch Dessert? This Will Satisfy, Sans Added Sugar

Dessert after dinner is a story as old as time, but why is everyone ignoring a little post-lunch treat?

#mbgsupplements #Collagen #dessert
Hannah Frye
March 15 2023

These 3-Ingredient Chocolate Truffles Are A Perfect Last Minute V-Day Treat

No-bake and easy to make.

#mbgsupplements #dessert #Collagen
Isabel Smith, R.D., CDN
February 14 2023

These 7 Desserts Are Made With A Keto Sweetener (And Still Taste Unreal)

Just because we’re indulging, doesn’t mean we have to throw our health goals out the window!

#partner #ketogenic #dessert
Devon Barrow
December 21 2022

These Holiday Desserts Are Made With Alternative Sweeteners — And Taste Unreal

Regardless of who's lining up for dessert, this brand has something for everyone.

#partner #dessert
Devon Barrow
December 5 2022

Here's The Only Zero-Calorie Sweetener I Use For Holiday Baking (And Why)

The holidays are famously a time of indulgence. There's no shortage of sweet treats this time of year, so when I'm baking, I most often opt for a...

#partner #sugar #dessert #holiday
Devon Barrow
November 28 2022

Milk Chocolate Is Having A Comeback With These Organic & Fair Trade Bars

Milk chocolate was due for a comeback—and we're here for it.

#partner #dessert
Devon Barrow
October 14 2022

Found: A Healthy Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate Packed With Gut-Loving Ingredients

Entering our fall era.

#mbgsupplements #Collagen #dessert
Hannah Frye
October 3 2022

This Healthy Chocolate Collagen Shake Will Replace Your Nightly Dessert

And it froths up like a dream.

#mbgsupplements #smoothies #dessert
Jamie Schneider
August 29 2022

No Lie, This Healthy Collagen Powder Can Replace Your Chocolate Cravings

Sweet tooth satisfied.

#mbgsupplements #Collagen #dessert
Jamie Schneider
August 19 2022