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These Healthy Cacao Brownies Feature A Delicious Tropical Twist

Papaya and pineapple add a decadent taste of the tropics.


Curb Your Sweet Tooth With This Versatile & Heart-Healthy Spice

Sprinkle it on anything for a naturally sweeter dish.

#Ayurveda #inflammation #dessert #breakfast
Abby Moore
March 17 2021

This "Dessert Meditation" Will Transform How You Savor Sweets

A quick meditation to enhance your eating experience.

#dessert #functional nutrition #Blood Sugar
Jamie Schneider
March 4 2021

Ice Cream Pints Don't Belong In The Recycling Bin — Until Now

A small gelato company just became the first to release 100% recyclable pints.

#environmentalism #news #dessert
Emma Loewe
February 24 2021

5 Ethical & Decadent Chocolate Brands You Need To Know About

Time to get started on your ethical cocoa journey.

#dessert #sugar #social good
Ximena Araya-Fischel, M.A
February 12 2021

11 Date Night Dessert Recipes, All Literally Made With Dates

Even if you're cutting down on sugar, dessert doesn't have to be off the menu. Dates are here to help.

#dating #dessert #sugar-free #vegan #gluten-free
Eliza Sullivan
February 12 2021

An RD's Dessert-Inspired Overnight Oats Recipe That Won't Spike Your Blood Sugar

Super tasty hot or cold.

#breakfast #dessert #Blood Sugar #gluten-free
Eliza Sullivan
January 26 2021

Need A Last-Minute Dessert? Whip Up These Low-Carb, No-Bake Cookies

They use only five ingredients.

#ketogenic #dessert
Eliza Sullivan
December 24 2020

A Neurologist On The Real Reason You Crave Comfort Food & How To Stop

There's a perfectly good reason comfort food brings you joy—albeit, for a fleeting moment.

#brain #dessert #mbgpodcast
Jason Wachob
December 23 2020
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Crosby Tailor’s Brain-Boosting Blueberry Crumble Pie Recipe

Meet The Blueberry Crumble Pie That Fuels Focus

#dessert #partner
Crosby Tailor
December 1 2020

Is It Okay To Bake With Honey? Docs & Dietitians Weigh In

The pros and cons of baking with honey.

#dessert #Ayurveda #Blood Sugar
Abby Moore
November 30 2020

How To Make 5-Ingredient Mood-Boosting Caramel With A Hidden Superfood

"This super-easy caramel is made with just a handful of ingredients in less than a few minutes."

Eliza Sullivan
November 28 2020

These Quick & Easy Vegan Cookies Have A Nutty, MD-Approved Ingredient

I'll definitely be making a batch this holiday season.

#vegan #dessert
Eliza Sullivan
November 17 2020

This Sweet & Salty Vegan No-Bake Fudge Only Requires 6 Ingredients

The perfect balance of flavors.

#dessert #vegan
Eliza Sullivan
November 14 2020

9 Things To Do Tonight (And All Week) Instead of Doomscrolling

A bit of inspiration for stepping away from the news tonight, if you need it.

#dessert #plants #diy beauty
Eliza Sullivan
November 3 2020

The Key To This Vegan Pastry Is A Familiar Mediterranean Pantry Essential

This vegan pastry recipe from Claire Saffitz pulls one of our favorite oils into the baking world: olive oil. It results in a lovely flaky pie crust.

#dessert #vegan
Eliza Sullivan
October 22 2020

Does Cooking Fruit Deplete Its Nutritional Value? RDs Mull It Over

Does cooking fruit get rid of all the good stuff?

#dessert #sugar
Abby Moore
October 22 2020

With Only 8 Ingredients You Can Make Your Own (Healthy-ish) Candy Bars

Trust us—these are worth it.

#dessert #snacks #vegan
Eliza Sullivan
October 17 2020

This RD's 5-Ingredient Chocolate Collagen Mousse Is Decadent & Delicious

This mousse is so rich and delicious, you might forget you're actually reaping amazing health benefits, too.* 

#mbgsupplements #Collagen #dessert
Mascha Davis, R.D., MPH
October 6 2020