The 5 Best Date Desserts, Literally Made From Dates

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Ripe Dates

Dates are the dessert hero we all need. The versatile little dried fruits are an easy way to update your favorite dessert staples to make them a little better for you without sacrificing the sweetness that helps makes them favorites in the first place. We also love them on their own, and some varieties have bonus health benefits, but they really can take otherwise unhealthy dishes and make them a little better for us.

So if you're planning a romantic night this Valentine's Day (with friends, a lover, or just yourself), check out these dessert recipes:

1. Fudgy Date Brownies

Chocolate and romance go together as well as any other classic pairing, and these decadent brownies add Medjool dates and lean on almond flour to make them gluten-free. They're also vegan, so no matter who's coming to dinner, you should be set with a dessert that's dietary-restriction-friendly (as long as it's not a nut allergy).


2. Sugar-Free Date Caramel

If you're looking to up the ante on a dessert without upping the sugars, turn to this date caramel for a decadent topping. We're thinking it'd go great with gluten-free cake or maybe sandwiched between some nutty chocolate cookies. You can also make it as the chocolate candies the recipe was designed for—which could make a pretty sweet homemade gift.

3. Deep-Dish Chocolate-Chip Cookie With Cinnamon Nice Cream

We hear you: This one doesn't sound very health-conscious. But the nice cream takes its sweetener from dates (and it's mostly banana), while the cookie gets its base from chickpeas and rolled oats in the place of processed flour. The two together make a dessert that feels as decadent as it does put-together, without too much effort or added sugars.

4. Raw Superfood Sandwich Cookies

These healthy "Oreos" are made of date- and oat-based cookies and filled with a coconut milk whipped cream—and you don't even need to turn on the oven to make them, which means more oven space for wowing your date with a vegan update on a classic lasagna, or it will give you the stove space to skip the takeout menu and make this vegan pad see ew.


5. CBD Cookie Dough Truffles

Dates aren't the only magic ingredient in these truffles. Just a bit of CBD oil makes them great for helping manage anxiety, which in the face of a date (the romantic kind, not the fruit) isn't a bad idea. Your choice of nuts mixed with oats, nut butter, and, of course, dates makes the base for these tasty treats.

While we can't help you find a date-date for this Friday, we can promise that at least these date experiences will go well—the recipes are tried-and-true. If you're trying to cut down on sugars but are overwhelmed by sugar alternatives, this may help you find the best option for every recipe.

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