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A Self-Made Millionaire Shares Her Financial Wellness Tips, If You're Curious

How she went from six figures of debt to self-made millionaire.

#Financial Wellness #confidence #stress #Success Stories
Brianna Firestone
January 18 2022

Before Your Annual Check-Up, Read This To Feel More Empowered At The Doctor

These actionable steps are a must.

#mbgpodcast #confidence #empowerment #mbgsupplements
Jamie Schneider
January 5 2022

The Psychology Of Impostor Syndrome & How To Actually Overcome It

We live in a culture of "-est." That is, we admire the biggest, the prettiest, the richest, the fastest, the experts.

#anxiety #confidence #focus #stress
Carissa Begonia
January 4 2022

I'm A Happiness Expert: How To Keep Resolutions Without It Feeling Like A Chore

There are ways to make them stick.

#mbgpodcast #holiday #confidence
Olivia Giacomo
January 3 2022

So, What's The Real Difference Between A Therapist & A Coach?

Both therapists and coaches can support your personal growth, depending on what you need.

#functional nutrition #confidence #stress #Journey
Stephanie Catahan
January 3 2022

The One Thing You Should Do Every Single Time You Look In The Mirror

Cue the positive affirmations.

#affirmations #confidence #empowerment
Sarah Regan
December 11 2021

Are These Sneaky & Common Habits Secretly Sabotaging Your Happiness?

They're important, yet they're often overlooked.

#mbgpodcast #brain #stress #confidence
Jason Wachob
November 12 2021

What Does It Really Mean To Be Gender Nonconforming? Definition + Examples

Gender nonconformity is any action, behavior, attitude, or identity that intentionally bucks gender stereotypes.

#empowerment #confidence
Stephanie Barnes
November 4 2021

13 Habits For Building Confidence & Creating The Life You Really Want

Confidence is self-trust in your skills, choices, and values.

#confidence #anxiety #friendship
Stephanie Catahan
November 3 2021

What Does It Mean To Be Bigender? + How It Relates To Other Identities

Some people's gender doesn't fit neatly into just one box.

#empowerment #confidence
Kesiena Boom, M.S.
October 27 2021

I'm A Mixed Black Woman & This Is How I Finally Released Toxic Beauty Standards

"I remember being told on countless occasions that I was 'pretty for a Black girl.' Was I not supposed to be pretty because I was Black?"

#confidence #empowerment #body positivity
Lia Miller, M.A., MPA, MSW
October 19 2021

6 Signs You (Or Someone You Know) Have A Superiority Complex + What To Do

Funnily enough, a superiority complex is just a masked inferiority complex.

#confidence #toxic relationships
Stephanie Barnes
October 16 2021

Apparently, This One Hormone Makes You More Of A Risk-Taker

It's linked to confidence, too.

#hormones #mbgpodcast #brain #confidence
Jamie Schneider
October 12 2021

The Beauty Of Connection: Why People Love Bonding Over Beauty Tips

Beauty helps us connect—both with ourselves and others. In this episode of Clean Beauty School, we talk about beauty and relationships.

#skin care #confidence #clean beauty school
Alexandra Engler
September 20 2021

I'm A Clinical Psychologist & This Is How To Harness Your Anxiety For Good

The first step is categorizing it.

#anxiety #confidence #empowerment
Chloe Carmichael, Ph.D.
September 8 2021

I Tried This Clean Skin Care Line & Have Glowing Skin For The First Time

A routine that makes us glow—inside and out.

#partner #skin care #confidence
Devon Barrow
September 1 2021

Were You The "Golden Child" Growing Up? How It Can Affect You In Adulthood

If your parents expected perfection from you, you should read this.

#confidence #toxic relationships
Stephanie Barnes
August 31 2021

What Does It Mean To Have A Strong Sense Of Self? 6 Signs To Look For

Your sense of self functions as your bouncer, reminding you of your higher purpose.

#confidence #empowerment #joy #journaling
Julie Nguyen
August 28 2021

I'm A Sex Therapist & Here's How To Actually Feel Good About Your Body

This is inner work, not outer work.

#confidence #body positivity #libido
Rachel Wright, LMFT
August 24 2021