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Feeling Weird About Your Body? Try This Sex Educator's Simple Solution

"I get to choose which messages that I internalize, and I get to create boundaries around the people, places, and things that take me out of my body."

#body positivity #confidence #technology
Kelly Gonsalves
January 19 2021

8 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked: Why It Might Be The Healthier Choice

Should you swap your PJs for your birthday suit?

#sleep #empowerment #confidence #metabolism
Abby Moore
December 31 2020

5 Signs You May Need To Heal Your Inner Child & How To Start

We each have a younger version of ourselves that needs healing.

#confidence #anxiety #affirmations
Tiffany Trieu
December 31 2020

21 Quick Ways To Practice Self-Love Today (Like, 5 Minutes Or Less Quick)

Close your eyes, see what number comes to mind, and do that one first.

#affirmations #confidence #empowerment
Tanya Carroll Richardson
December 14 2020

5 Tips To Teach Kids Empathy From An Expert (Because We Need It Right Now)

Creating a culture of compassion is harder than ever yet more necessary. 

#confidence #motherhood #empowerment
Caroline Maguire, M.Ed.
December 12 2020

How To Actually Read People: 9 Tricks From Body Language Experts

Tip No. 2: Pay attention to the voice pitch.

#friendship #dating #confidence
Abby Moore
December 11 2020

The Future Of Child Care: COVID's Dramatic Impact On Parenting & Schools

When the world stopped, all the past "better than thou" parenting styles seemed so inappropriate and outdated.

#stress #confidence
mbg editorial
December 10 2020

Parents, Do You Rely Too Heavily On Rules? Here's What To Know

What parenting style are you?

#confidence #motherhood #stress
Alexandra Engler
December 9 2020

The Pandemic Isn't Easy For You Or Kids: 5 Ways To Bring Back Joy

Take back your joy!

#confidence #stress #COVID-19
Caroline Maguire, M.Ed.
December 6 2020

A Full-Body Strength-Training Workout That Doesn't Require A Gym

There are so many benefits to strength training.

#confidence #metabolism #protein
Courtney Ustrzycki
December 3 2020

A Guide To Constructive Play For Parents: Benefits, Types & 7 Expert Tips

Playtime, experts tell us time and again, is a vital part of growing up, learning, and brain development.

#motherhood #confidence
Alexandra Engler
November 30 2020

When To Use Punishment vs. Reinforcement, From Parenting Experts

There's no "perfect" way to encourage a kid's behavior that works in every circumstance for every kid.

#confidence #stress #anxiety
Alexandra Engler
November 22 2020

How To Become A Pro At Making New Friends As An Adult, From MDs & PhDs

As we get older, opportunities to meet new people may seem few and far between.

#friendship #confidence
Sarah Regan
November 20 2020

Are You An Overwhelmed Parent? Here's A Way To Refocus & Feel More You

In the current climate, we wager few parents are actually taking the time they need to care for themselves.

#confidence #stress #joy
Alexandra Engler
November 14 2020

Are You A "Best Friend" Parent? Why You May Want To Rethink This Parenting Style

Might be time to put structure in place.

#confidence #stress #anxiety
Alexandra Engler
November 13 2020

I'm An OB/GYN & Here Are 5 Reasons To Look Forward To Menopause

More passionate sex? Yes, please!

#Perimenopause #confidence #healthy aging #healthy period
Susan Hardwick-Smith, MD
October 22 2020

Why Embracing Vulnerability As A Parent Can Be Hard (But Is Necessary)

It takes power and courage to be vulnerable.

#confidence #stress #anxiety
Gertrude Lyons, MA, Ed.D.
October 14 2020

The Iconic Jane Fonda On How Many Hours Of Sleep She Needs + Other Well-Being Tips

An icon of the highest order.

#confidence #climate change #skin care #sleep
Alexandra Engler
October 13 2020

Myers-Briggs vs. Enneagram: Which Is The Better Personality Test?

When it comes to learning about yourself, is there a better choice?

#Purpose #empowerment #confidence
Abby Moore
October 10 2020

The Neurological Reason You Should Make Eye Contact — Even On Zoom

It you can't connect IRL, chatting over video is the next best thing.

#friendship #confidence #COVID-19
Jamie Schneider
October 7 2020