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This Esthetician Wants You To Adopt A Skin Gratitude Practice & We're In

A simple routine to start your morning.

#skin care #confidence #stress
Alexandra Engler
October 7 2020

The Near-Perfect Formula For Success, From The CEO Of Whole Foods Market

With these four tips, you'll have some footing.

#mbgpodcast #confidence #Purpose
Jason Wachob
October 7 2020

Step Away From The Mirror — One Dermatologist's Tip To Stop Picking

With each clogged pore or raised pimple comes the intense desire to start squeezing and prodding.

#skin care #inflammation #confidence #stress
Alexandra Engler
September 28 2020

Fairy Knots Sound Cute, But They're Very Annoying To All Curly Girls

The name may sound mythical, but "fairy knots" are very much real in the world of curly hair.

#hair #confidence #coconut oil
Alexandra Engler
September 26 2020

This Is The Best Way To Motivate Kids To Get Stuff Done — How To Do It

Most parents know that getting kids to do things on their own—be it homework, chores, or helping around the house—might be a struggle.

Alexandra Engler
September 25 2020

A Tip For Covering Zits, From A Beauty Editor Who Had Acne For 15 Years

Clear skin in a few simple steps.

#confidence #acne #makeup
Alexandra Engler
September 24 2020

Is Insecurity Sabotaging Your Relationship? Here's How To Tell

Do you always defer to your partner?

#dating #single life #confidence #anxiety

Feeling Unproductive? It May Be Because You're Lonely: Here's What To Do

If you notice your productivity taking a dip, perhaps reflect on whether you're feeling isolated.

#COVID-19 #Loneliness #confidence
Jamie Schneider
September 16 2020

Do You Set Boundaries Or Barriers? Here's Why The Difference Matters

Sometimes we create barriers to intimacy when we mean to set boundaries.

#friendship #dating #confidence #fear
Ilene Smith, M.A.
September 13 2020

The 5 Best Tips For Growing Out Gray Hair Beautifully

Let the silver come in.

#hair #healthy aging #confidence
Alexandra Engler
September 6 2020

Apparently Your Social Media Use May Predict Personality & Mental Health Traits

The way a person interacts with social media can reveal a lot about them.

#news #confidence
Sarah Regan
August 26 2020

The Enneagram Shouldn't Box You In: 5 Things People Get Wrong About The System

You can't use your type to excuse your bad behavior.

#fear #confidence #friendship
Julie Nguyen
August 24 2020

The Most Common Misconceptions About Each Enneagram Type, Debunked

All Fours aren't unreliable, and all Twos aren't pushovers!

#friendship #dating #confidence #fear
Julie Nguyen
August 17 2020

How A Mom & CEO Home-Schools Her 6 Kids (Which She Did Prior To COVID)

Take notes.

#back to school #confidence #stress #COVID-19
Alexandra Engler
August 16 2020

A Mom On How Her Family Balances Self-Care & School During COVID-19

Like most parents, I feel the stress during this unusual and extraordinary time.

#COVID-19 #back to school #confidence #stress
Isabeau Miller
August 15 2020

Eau de Toilette vs. Eau de Parfum: Which Fragrance Form Is For You?

Ah, little is more exciting than finding your signature scent.

#skin care #confidence
Alexandra Engler
August 14 2020

How To Make Decisions When You Can't Really Plan For Anything

Planning is like breathing: We do it all the time.

#Financial Wellness #confidence #stress #COVID-19
Amelia Kruse
August 13 2020