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The No. 1 Barrier To Good Sex For Women Over 50 — And How To Overcome It

Can you guess what it is?

#healthy aging #libido #body positivity #confidence
Tracey Cox
May 12 2021

4 Essentials For Success That Lasts, From The Greatest Pro Female Golfer

There's a fine line between reaching your goals and making those achievements last.

#mbgpodcast #confidence #empowerment #Purpose #celebrity
Jason Wachob
May 7 2021

This Is The Real Reason You Think You're Right All The Time

It's perfectly common to wholeheartedly believe that you're right all the time—even when you're wrong.

#mbgpodcast #fear #friendship #confidence
Jason Wachob
May 5 2021

8 Ways You Can Help Build Your Daughter's Self-Esteem & Confidence

Girls are especially at risk of having lower reported self-esteem and confidence.

#stress #anxiety #confidence

3 Signs It's Time To Quit Something You've Committed To + Why It's OK

Quitting is too often viewed as a sign of weakness.

#toxic relationships #confidence #empowerment

Are You Sexually Attracted To Yourself? You Might Be Autosexual

Do you ever get turned on checking yourself out?

#body positivity #feminism #empowerment #libido #confidence
Kesiena Boom, M.S.
April 14 2021

Are You "Spiritually Gaslighting" Yourself? How To Tell & What To Do

Have you ever found yourself invalidating your own emotions in the name of spirituality?

#confidence #empowerment
Sarah Regan
April 6 2021

Why This One Mindfulness Expert Wants You To Stop Labeling Your Kids

We all take on a lot of labels throughout our lifetime. Teach your kid how to deal with them.

#stress #anxiety #confidence
Alexandra Engler
March 23 2021

7 Lessons From A Sex Therapist On How To Create Your Sexual Potential

The time is now for great sex!

#body positivity #confidence

There Are 9 Boob Types: Here's What To Know About Each, From OB/GYNs

No two boobs are the same (even on the same body).

#cancer #body positivity #confidence
Abby Moore
March 15 2021

A Simple Way To Be More Resilient, According To New Research

Resiliency has come up a lot in the past year.

#confidence #empowerment #COVID-19 #news
Sarah Regan
March 10 2021

Empaths Can Have Trouble Vocalizing Hurt Feelings: 7 Tips To Make It Easier

Your primary obligation is to meet your own needs and avoid falling into codependency.

#energy #friendship #dating #confidence
Tanya Carroll Richardson
March 10 2021

All Vaginas Are Different: Here Are 9 Different Ways It Can Look, From OB/GYNs

P.S. That's not your vagina.

#healthy period #confidence #body positivity
Abby Moore
March 5 2021

Pulling This Tarot Card Is Basically A Green Light From The Universe

If you've been feeling empowered lately, don't be surprised if you pull the Queen of Wands.

#empowerment #confidence
Sarah Regan
March 3 2021

Sleep On It: A Therapist Explains How To Use Your Dreams To Make Decisions

"Sleeping on it" is really a thing.

#sleep #brain #confidence
Jamie Schneider
February 17 2021

Dream About Being Naked (Again)? What It Means, From A Dream Expert

Dreaming of being naked in public is one of the most common dreams.

#sleep #confidence
Sarah Regan
January 25 2021

Feeling Weird About Your Body? Try This Sex Educator's Simple Solution

"I get to choose which messages that I internalize, and I get to create boundaries around the people, places, and things that take me out of my body."

#body positivity #confidence #technology
Kelly Gonsalves
January 19 2021

8 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked: Why It Might Be The Healthier Choice

Should you swap your PJs for your birthday suit?

#sleep #empowerment #confidence #metabolism
Abby Moore
December 31 2020

5 Signs You May Need To Heal Your Inner Child & How To Start

We each have a younger version of ourselves that needs healing.

#confidence #anxiety #affirmations
Tiffany Trieu
December 31 2020

21 Quick Ways To Practice Self-Love Today (Like, 5 Minutes Or Less Quick)

Close your eyes, see what number comes to mind, and do that one first.

#affirmations #confidence #empowerment
Tanya Carroll Richardson
December 14 2020