Jody Kemmerer, LCSW


Jody Kemmerer, LCSW is an advanced and intensively trained dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) therapist whose work integrates complementary methodologies focusing on developing secure attachment, mindfulness and greater somatic awareness. Her work with her client's is playful, experiential, and informative about emotions and how they work. She specializes in helping individuals suffering from trauma and emotion dysregulation. Kemmerer lives in New York City, where she works in private practice and teaches meditation.

Having studied around the globe, Kemmerer has a broad and uniquely diverse background. Her areas of training and expertise include: Buddhism, Vedic science, psychology, and filmmaking. Since a young age, she has cultivated a regular practice of meditation and completed numerous long-term solitary meditation retreats. She also directed the award-winning film, Sky Dancer, a story about a renowned spiritual teacher that she met during her expedition across the Tibetan plateau.

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