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Why It's So Important For Your Kids To Help Around The House + 19 Chore Ideas

Getting young ones to help around the house is, in many cases, easier said than done.

No Matter Your Curl Type, Here Are The Best Styling Products

They help tame frizz, control volume by amplifying it or toning it down, allow for hold, and do so many more wonderful things.

Growing Out Bangs (Did We Hear A Groan?) Doesn't Have To Be That Bad

We spoke with experts on the grow-out process, how to style them easier, and what you can expect during those dreaded awkward phases.

What's Your Dream Job? 5 Exercises To Find A Job That's Right For You

Yes, it's still possible to find the job you love or at least be on the path toward a more fulfilling career.

Amelia Kruse
May 27

How To Help Your Kids Learn At Home (It's Not Just Worksheets & Apps)

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes into our lives, not the least of which is the closure of schools.

Put A Spring In Your Fingertips With These 5 Nail Polish Shades

If a change in color palette can boost your mood, then by all means: Whip out the warm-weather brights and sunny pastels. Here, our five fave spring...

Alexandra Engler
April 27