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5 Ways Your Speech Is Making You Sound Insecure + What To Do Instead

Let 2024 be the year you sound as confident as you feel.

#confidence #dating
Hannah Frye
January 4

Travel Anxiety Is Real: Expert Tips To Help Stay Calm During Holiday Travel

The day before Thanksgiving marks the busiest travel day of the year. So here are our favorite stress-relieving tips for all your travel plans.

#Well Traveled #stress #confidence #anxiety
Alexandra Engler
November 21 2023

I'm a Psychologist & Hairstylist: What I Wish Folks Knew About Mental Health

It's more than just a "bad hair day."

#clean beauty school #Curly hair #hair #confidence #stress
Alexandra Engler
November 21 2023

Wellness Expert Kelsey Patel's Favorite Hiking Gear

Personal style has the power to influence how you feel about yourself. In Well Styled, we explore how wellness expert Kelsey Patel uses fashion for...

#confidence #Well Styled
Alexandra Engler
October 15 2023

Constantly Feel Tired Or Insecure? This Chakra Might Be Blocked

It deals with shame.

#chakras #confidence #energy #yoga #digestion
Sarah Regan
October 13 2023

11 Steps To Build Stronger Self-Esteem, According To Experts

Plus why low self-esteem happens.

#empowerment #confidence #toxic relationships #dating
Krati Mehra
September 29 2023

A Science-Backed Protocol To Silence The Inner Critic According To Mel Robbins

We can rewire our brains toward joy and connection.

#confidence #joy
Alexandra Engler
September 25 2023

Actress Ashley Greene Opens Up About Mental Health & Motherhood

Actress Ashely Greene's first panic attack not so coincidentally lined up with her first magazine cover photo shoot.

#clean beauty school #motherhood #stress #anxiety #confidence
Alexandra Engler
September 19 2023

Celeb Trainer Megan Roup's Best Tips On Making Wellness More Fun

Plus, her thoughts on diet culture and beauty routines.

#clean beauty school #Mental fitness #confidence
Alexandra Engler
September 5 2023

Considering Teeth Whitening? You Need To Know This First

Plus, who shouldn't get it.

#Know Before You Book #Oral health #confidence
Hannah Frye
August 24 2023

Actress Ashley Tisdale's Best Beauty & Wellness Tips

Allow me to fangirl a bit, but today's Clean Beauty School guest is Ashley Tisdale.

#clean beauty school #confidence
Alexandra Engler
August 15 2023

How A Neuroscientist Helps Kids Deal With Temper Tantrums

Here is an idea of something you can do with your child: sit down and create your own “mental first aid kit.”

#confidence #stress #Mental fitness

Mom Guilt Is Real — A Therapist On How To Manage It

Mom guilt, defined as the feeling many parents experience about not being "good enough," is real. Here's how a therapist deals with it.

#parenthetical #motherhood #confidence
Lia Avellino, LCSW
August 3 2023

The Ultimate Guide To Traveling Alone — From Planning To Safety

There's so much empowerment to be found in solo travel. It does mean you need to be smarter when you do it: from planning to money to safety.

#Well Traveled #confidence
Alexandra Engler
July 5 2023

You're Going To Smell Like A Slice Of Heaven With These Finds

Fragrances are small treasures—and these gems are the best clean fragrances on the market right now, categorized by scent profile to help guide...

#skin care #confidence
Alexandra Engler
June 25 2023

3 Quick Hacks That Will Reduce Nervous Energy In Seconds

Expert-backed and tested.

#anxiety #mbgpodcast #confidence
Jason Wachob
May 29 2023

Are You A Little Awkward? Why Psychologists Say It's Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

Turns out, there are benefits to being a little socially awkward!

#friendship #confidence #anxiety
Stephanie Barnes
February 27 2023

Caring For Curls? How To Keep Them Smooth & Hydrated

Welcome to the world of curls.

#hair #confidence #hydration
Hannah Frye
February 13 2023

Want To Know Which Haircut Will Look Best On You? Read This

To the salon!

#hair #Like A Pro #confidence
Hannah Frye
February 9 2023