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We've Studied Couples For 20+ Years: Do This Every Day For A Loving Relationship

Sometimes the tiniest tweaks can make the biggest difference.

#mbgpodcast #marriage #confidence
Jason Wachob
December 19 2022

Why You'll Be Seeing These Wellness & Beauty Spaces Everywhere In 2023

Community-based well-being and beauty spaces are emerging in places across the country to meet a growing demand for connection.

#skin care #confidence #Wellness trends 2023
Alexandra Engler
November 29 2022

Walking vs. Running: Which Is Better For Mental Health & Weight Management?

Read this before lacing up your sneakers and stepping out the door.

#running #Walking #confidence
Adam Meyer
November 24 2022

Diet Culture Is Making A Comeback — Here's How To Tune It Out

"Feeling better about our bodies does not come from changing our bodies; it comes from changing our mindset."

#clean beauty school #confidence
Alexandra Engler
November 22 2022

"Why Am I Still Single?" Dating Experts Break Down This Complicated Question

No. 2: You're letting fear hold you back.

#dating #single life #confidence
Kelly Gonsalves
October 26 2022

Do This To Find Genuine Happiness In Your Life, Says A Successful Entrepreneur

There's no one road on the journey to happiness, but some experts have come pretty close to cracking the code.

#anxiety #depression #confidence #mbgpodcast
Jason Wachob
October 20 2022

3 Therapist-Approved Techniques To Reduce Anxiety & Feel More Confident

Your best self awaits. 

#mbgpodcast #anxiety #brain #confidence
Jason Wachob
October 17 2022

3 Tips To Set Healthy Boundaries Around Diet Culture, Work-Life Balance & More

Boundaries are the bedrock of well-being.

#mbgpodcast #friendship #confidence #stress
Jason Wachob
October 10 2022

3 Myths That Get In The Way Of Your Happiness, From A Positive Psychologist

It's not "fluffy" or "frivolous."

#mbgpodcast #confidence #empowerment
Jason Wachob
August 11 2022

3 Expert Tips To Help You Take That Leap Of Faith (Even If It's Scary)

Whether you're building a budding relationship, starting a new job, moving to a new city, etc.

#mbgpodcast #confidence #anxiety #mbgsupplements
Jason Wachob
July 25 2022

I Wrote A Book About Self-Love — Here's A Ritual To Practice Daily

If you're looking for more self-care inspiration—as well as learning about Angela Jia Kim's own journey to self-love—tune into the episode.

#skin care #clean beauty school #confidence #acne
Alexandra Engler
July 12 2022

3 "Negative" Emotions That Are Good For Your Health & How To Process Them

It can accumulate and sabotage your well-being.

#mbgpodcast #stress #confidence
Jason Wachob
July 11 2022

Glitter Is About So Much More Than Making You Shine — Just Ask A Drag Queen

It can even be a tool for healing.

#makeup #empowerment #confidence
Jamie Schneider
June 27 2022

Changing Careers? Here's How To Set Yourself Apart During A Job Hunt

Nobody can do what you do.

#empowerment #confidence #mbgsupplements
Kelly Trach
June 19 2022

A Deep Dive Into The World's Most Popular Personality Test: The MBTI

Of all the personality assessments out there, one reigns supreme.

#empowerment #confidence
Sarah Regan
May 31 2022

Need More Courage & Motivation In Your Life? Reach For This Powerhouse Crystal

It's great for your sacral chakra, too.

#crystals #confidence
Sarah Regan
May 30 2022