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So, Are Ghosts Real? Here's What Spirituality Experts Have To Say

Ghosts have fascinated, perplexed, and of course, scared people for generations.

Sarah Regan
June 30

Here's Why Cleansing Should Be An Everyday Ritual (And How To Do It Safely)

Check out these tips for ways to gently cleanse your body daily!

Devon Barrow
March 16

3 Energy Cleansing Rituals To Try — Straight From The Coast Of Hawaii

Because of their spiritual relationship with water, many Hawaiians perform a Hi'uwai.

Annie Daly
May 20 2021

A Deep & Delicious Dive Into Kitchari, Ayurveda's Favorite Cleanse

mbg class instructor Sahara Rose walks us through how to make it.

Sahara Rose
September 27 2020

The Barefaced Method: A Derm-Approved Hack To Identify Your Skin Type

Figure out what skin type you actually have—and fast.

Jamie Schneider
September 10 2020

How To Make Your Own Bubble Bath + 6 DIY Tips For An Extra-Luxe Soak

Brew your bath, light a candle (or three), and sink into a heavenly soak.

Jamie Schneider
August 22 2020

"Multi-Masking" Can Give Your Skin An Even Glow: Here's How To Do It

That way, your whole face can feel the love in one fell swoop.

Jamie Schneider
August 21 2020