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The One Crystal You Need For More Love In Your Life

It's often referred to as the heart stone.

#crystals #Heart #chakras
Sarah Regan
July 9 2020

This Chakra Could Be The Root Of Our Disconnection & How To Heal It

The crown chakra allows us to understand our impact deeply.


Curious About Meditation? Here's A Breakdown Of The 12 Major Styles

From mantra to transcendental, get caught up on the basics.

#mantras #chakras #yoga
Lily Silverton
May 1 2020

ROYGBIV: Your Guide To The 7 Chakra Colors & How To Use Them

Plus, a crystal for each chakra.

#chakras #energy
Sarah Regan
April 23 2020

The Best Self-Care Rituals, Based On Your Enneagram Type

Here's the kind of self-care you need right now, based on your personality.

#reiki #hiit #yoga #chakras
Gina Gomez
April 12 2020

3 Chakra-Healing Practices That'll Help You Reimagine Your Future

A deep dive into the gifts of the third-eye chakra.


3 Tips For Using The Throat Chakra To Speak Your Truth & Manifest Dreams

When it comes to the throat chakra, your words are your magic wand—so choose them wisely.


A DIY Guide To Manifesting Your Highest Self With An Altar

An altar is really a reflection of your own spiritual practice.

#crystals #affirmations #chakras #manifesting #mantras
Sarah Regan
February 23 2020

3 Chakra-Healing Practices For A More Compassionate Heart

Step 1: When you get a compliment, really sit in it for a while.

Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P.
February 13 2020

How Healing The Solar Plexus Chakra Could Lead To Radical Self-Acceptance

"Let yourself fail and discover how liberating it is to live imperfectly."

Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P.
January 29 2020

How The Sacral Chakra's Shadow Could Be Keeping You From Your Soul Mate

A lesson on the value of staying still through discomfort.

#chakras #soul mates
Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P.
January 21 2020

How The Root Chakra's Shadow Could Be Keeping You From Authenticity

It's all about cultivating a sense of safety in an unsafe world.

Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P.
January 6 2020

Disconnection Has Become An Epidemic But These 4 Exercises Could Help

Change the question from "What is my purpose?" to "How can I best serve the whole?"

Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P.
August 13 2019

A Guide To Opening Your Third Eye & Accessing Your Highest Intuition

"When we open the third eye, we become aware of the big picture."

#chakras #hormones

This Energetic Imbalance Could Be The Root Of Your Thyroid Issues

A primer on the energy center that deals with speaking your truth.

#chakras #confidence #manifesting

What To Eat For Your Heart Chakra When Going Through A Breakup

Promote emotional healing by paying attention to this important energy center.

#chakras #breakup #dating #single life

Ready For Bold Self-Love? Try These 4 Tone Ups For The Heart Chakra

"An open heart can give and receive love without any limitations."

#chakras #Heart #confidence #yoga #breath

This Energetic Imbalance Could Be Making Your Gut Health Issues Worse

When you are ready to move from good to great, you turn to the solar plexus chakra.

#chakras #digestion

Telltale Signs Your Sacral Chakra Is Out Of Whack & What To Do About It

A primer on the energy center that deals with shame and discomfort.

#chakras #fertility