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3 Ways To Support Your Crown Chakra & Move From "Me" To "We"

Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P.
May 8, 2020
Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P.
Naturopathic Doctor & Nurse Practitioner
By Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P.
Naturopathic Doctor & Nurse Practitioner
Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P. is an NYC-based naturopathic doctor, nurse practitioner, and holistic coach.
Shadow Chakra: The Crown Chakra
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May 8, 2020

As a holistic practitioner, I believe that dis-ease and dysfunction can show up in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of health. The chakra system is one tool I use to help my clients understand various universal themes that limit well-being.

Each of the seven chakras is the source of a unique wound—but how that wound shows up in health and life varies from person to person. When we are unaware of the wound, we live from the shadow of the associated chakra. But when we become conscious of the wound pattern and take action to heal it, we can access the unique gift of the same chakra.

If you've already worked through the themes of the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, and third-eye chakras, you are ready to move on to the seventh and final chakra: the crown.

The shadow of the crown chakra is disconnection.

This wound is not simply about being disconnected from each other—it's about disconnection from the infinite multiverse that each one of us is a part of. Human beings are not separate from nature. We are nature and we're intimately connected to the celestial world. Any astrologer can assure you that change and movement in the cosmos has a direct impact on the human experience.

This understanding is reflected in cultures and traditions all over the world: We see archaeological structures from ancient cultures across the globe that mirror the night sky. In Kundalini yoga, each finger is associated with a celestial body—and because of this, we can control our fate simply by moving the body. Even our language reflects this understanding. Saturday represents Saturn, Sunday, the sun, Monday, the moon, and so on. But this relationship is not limited to culture. It's unquestionably physiological.

The circadian rhythm is one example of how the sun and the moon affect physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral health. And just as the environment and the cosmos affect the human experience, our behavior has an equally important impact on the macrocosm we are a part of. Climate change is a great example, as is our collective response to the current pandemic. The global effort to shelter in place has supported the environment in multiple ways. The crown chakra allows us to understand our impact deeply. So when we are in the wound of the crown, we completely forget our connection to everything and we cannot feel spirit, source, God, or whatever term we resonate with.

To heal the wound of disconnection, we have to reconnect. We have to awaken our individual and collective relationships with the earth and the cosmos. We already have everything we need to heal this wound, but we have to choose to heal. We have to consciously rise into the gift of unity.

The gift of the crown chakra is unity.

The great gift of the crown chakra is unity. It is the experience of moving from me to we. Few people have this experience in their lifetimes, and even fewer have the capacity to sustain it—but all you need is a tiny taste and it will completely transform you.

We often hear about this experience from astronauts as they look down on the Earth and people who have had near-death experiences, profound psychedelic journeys, or other peak religious experiences. But you do not need to travel through space or time to experience it. You simply need to open your eyes, remember your connection to the macrocosm, and nurture it. Here are three exercises to support crown chakra healing: 

1. Develop awareness.

Become aware of your biorhythms and monitor the relationship between the rhythms of your body and the rhythms of the cosmos. You can track your menstrual cycle, your sleep patterns, your energy level or your bowel movements over a period of time. Notice how you are affected by the weather, the moon phase, the seasons, and the sunshine. 

2. Explore astrology.

Astrology directly speaks to the crown chakra. If you have never had an astrology reading or explored your birth chart, give it a try. If you are familiar with your birth chart already, consider this an invitation to dive deeper.

3. Intentionally connect with nature.

There are so many ways to do this. Eating seasonally is a great option for those living in seasonal climates. You can go camping and sleep under the night sky. Nature has the ability to massage the crown chakra simply by being witnessed. So get out into the mountains, near the ocean, or find a view that moves you.  

Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P. author page.
Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P.
Naturopathic Doctor & Nurse Practitioner

Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P. is an NYC-based naturopathic doctor, nurse practitioner, and holistic coach. She was trained as a Reiki master at 20 years old and began studying yoga as a teenager. She obtained her master's in nursing from Seattle University and doctorate of naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University.

Eastern philosophy threads through all of Matluck’s work. Combining over a decade of experience working in conventional and alternative medicine, she brings a truly holistic lens to medicine, addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles to health.

Prior to opening a private practice in New York City, Matluck spent eight years at One Medical Group and has delivered onsite wellness workshops at countless prominent companies. She is also the founder of Seven Senses, where she leads transformational wellness experiences throughout the world.