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3 Tips For Using The Throat Chakra To Speak Your Truth & Manifest Your Dreams

Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P.
March 5, 2020
Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P.
Naturopathic Doctor & Nurse Practitioner
By Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P.
Naturopathic Doctor & Nurse Practitioner
Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P. is an NYC-based naturopathic doctor, nurse practitioner, and holistic coach.
Everything you need to know about the Shadow Throat Chakra
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March 5, 2020

Each of the seven chakras holds a unique frequency, and there is a specific wound associated with each of those frequencies. To heal the wound of a chakra, we must move from the shadow state of that chakra into its gift. If you have already worked through the root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakras, you are ready to move on to the fifth chakra: the throat.

The throat chakra is all about effective communication. Using our language intentionally is a great tool for manifestation—but it is most effective when we are communicating authentically and truthfully. This is why it is so critical to work through the lower chakras before attempting to fully open the throat.

The shadow of the throat chakra is guilt.

The throat chakra transmits thought and intention into the material world via language. It can be used to create anything you want. But so many of us have too much guilt to fully use it to our advantage.

This is not the kind of guilt we feel simply for letting someone else down. This is the guilt we feel for letting ourselves have it all. This the guilt we feel for taking up space in the world. It often stems from the illusion of scarcity. If we believe that the world is not resourced enough for all of us to have it all, then it is not possible for us to create the lives of our dreams without imposing on someone else's ability to create their dreams.

Physical signs of the throat chakra's shadow.

For example, I have a client who works in the same industry as a close friend and recently started doing very well in her business. She is uncomfortable sharing her triumphs and successes with her friend because she feels guilty about it. She believes that she and her friend are competing for the same customers, and so she cannot thrive without inhibiting her friend's ability to do the same. The feeling of guilt has silenced her, and her throat chakra is not serving her. However, there is no reason both women cannot be successful. They may not be successful at the exact same time, and they may not have the same definition of what success looks and feels like, but there is space in the world for both of them to create the lives they want. Yet when the throat chakra is not free to transmit our truth into the world because of guilt, our ability to create the lives of our dreams is limited. 

To heal this wound of guilt, we must move from the shadow state of the throat chakra into its gift.

The gift of the throat chakra is the ability to manifest.

The ability to manifest your greatest life is the great gift of the throat chakra and we all have unlimited access to it. Aligning your language with your intention is not always as easy as it sounds, but when you set your intention to use your words with precision, they become an unstoppable technology for transmitting thought forms into the material world. This is one of the reasons mantra is such an important part of so many spiritual paths—because your words create the world around you. The practice of manifestation is about using language with the potency it was designed for. Your words should be declarative, free of doubt, and rooted in the present moment. For example, if your intention is to write a book, speak the words "I am an author."

If you already have a manifestation practice and are not seeing results, it might be because you spend a few minutes each day making the right statements—but throughout the rest of the day, your language contradicts those statements. For example, You say, "I am a millionaire" every morning but then you tell your friend you can't afford a weekend getaway. I am not suggesting that you spend irresponsibly, but I am suggesting you use your words wisely. So rather than declining because you "can't afford" something, simply state that's "not currently aligned with my value system." 

Healing the throat chakra is about shifting from misunderstanding into manifestation, and it is the path of forgiveness. Here are three exercises to support your throat chakra healing:

1. Practice forgiveness.

Sit in meditation and close your eyes. First, visualize yourself (at any age) sitting in front of you. Silently say the following statements to yourself:

  • I forgive you.
  • Thank you.
  • I'm sorry.
  • Please forgive me.

Next, visualize each of your parents, and offer them the same phrases. Next, visualize someone in your life who has done you wrong, and offer them the same phrases. Finally, open your eyes and sit in front of the mirror. Look yourself in the eyes and repeat the same phrases to yourself aloud.

2. Plant your intention and set it in motion.

Identify your intention (what it is that you want to create for yourself). Now you must become aware of how you are using your thoughts, feelings, attention, words, and actions to drive that intention into the world.

If your intention is to heal your body, you must think thoughts that support healing—such as, "I can heal my body" or "Every cell in my body is healing right now." You must then generate the feelings that accompany healing: Relaxation, joy, excitement, gratitude. Your throat chakra can then transmit these thoughts into form using statements like "My body is healing." And finally, you must take actions toward healing. That may mean resting, changing your diet, or getting support from a practitioner. 

Maintaining alignment between your intention, attention, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions allows your throat chakra to express its gift with ease.

3. Speak with precision.

When it comes to the throat chakra, your words are your magic wand—so choose them wisely. You must become aware of any language that does not support what you want to create for yourself and reframe it. Detox your language and remove phrases like "I'm going to," "I'm trying to," "I should," "One day when..."

Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P. author page.
Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P.
Naturopathic Doctor & Nurse Practitioner

Erica Matluck, N.D., N.P. is an NYC-based naturopathic doctor, nurse practitioner, and holistic coach. She was trained as a Reiki master at 20 years old and began studying yoga as a teenager. She obtained her master's in nursing from Seattle University and doctorate of naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University.

Eastern philosophy threads through all of Matluck’s work. Combining over a decade of experience working in conventional and alternative medicine, she brings a truly holistic lens to medicine, addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles to health.

Prior to opening a private practice in New York City, Matluck spent eight years at One Medical Group and has delivered onsite wellness workshops at countless prominent companies. She is also the founder of Seven Senses, where she leads transformational wellness experiences throughout the world.