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Signs Your Grounding Chakra Is Out Of Whack + What To Do About It

I'm a huge advocate of yoga for so many reasons, but one reason is the grounding benefits from hitting the mat.

Tina Williamson
October 7 2013

How I Got Fertile At 34

My popularity peaked in elementary school when I was one of the “cool girls.” That ended at 13 when I got a haircut and a perm. Although that was the...

Stacy Michelle
September 26 2013

How Your Chakras Can Help You Find True Love

Like many New York professional women, I had a psychologist. For many years, we logically processed my mommy and daddy issues and how they were...

Stacy Michelle
August 27 2013

How Kundalini Yoga Can Awaken Your Intuition

I've been on the path of healing for the last several years, and one of the things that has accelerated the process and helped build my life condition...

Shiva Rose
August 5 2013

What Your Chakras Have To Do With Emotions In Yoga

It's been a long day and you're ready to seek solace on your yoga mat – woo-hoo! Forty-five minutes into class, your yoga instructor tells you to...

Stacy Michelle
July 8 2013

How A Student's Breakdown Helped Me Remember My Joy

“Well, you just really got to me that day,” she said. Let’s call her April.

Rebecca Butler
June 3 2013

3 Tips For Raising An Intuitive Child

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know why she keeps staring at you!”

Rachelle Terry
May 17 2013

What Are The Koshas And What Can They Do For You?

The koshas are energetic layers or sheaths that move from the outermost layer of skin to the deep spiritual core. The koshas provide a framework for...

Nicole Carlin, M.A.
April 23 2013

Clear Out The Internal Clutter That's Holding You Back

Spring is here, a time to rejuvenate and renew. At this time of year, we're given many tips on how to tidy up our messy apartments, but we can also...

Stacy Michelle
April 16 2013

3 Asanas To Spark Creativity

The Vishuddha Chakra, the energy center located in the throat, is the birth place of creative expression. When it’s blocked or unbalanced, you might...

Kristen Hedges
March 25 2013

A Simple Breathing Exercise To Hone Intuition And Nourish Your Third Eye

The nadis are energy channels that run throughout the body — much like our tangible circulatory system — transporting prana (lifeforce) energy to...

Nicole Carlin, M.A.
March 5 2013

Why Awareness Is A Funny Thing...

There are 30 trillion cells in the human body, more than 60,000 miles of blood vessels, 88,000 chakras, and 72,000 nadis. And that's just the...

Hope Zvara
February 20 2013

How Living "Juicy" Can Balance Your Life

A friend of mine recently became a Reiki practitioner, and asked if I'd like a free session, allowing her to practice on me.

Jennifer Hill
January 3 2013

5 Powerful Wellness Lessons I Learned In 2012

My 2012 started off with disease, drugs, and death but that's not how it ended. Here are five powerful wellness lessons I learned this past year:

Jason Wachob
December 28 2012

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

I’ve been told many times I have a strong third chakra – also known as the solar plexus and the place from which one draws her willpower and...

Amanda Froelich
November 7 2012

How to Activate Your Navel Chakra

If you're looking for empowerment, energy and increased willpower, activate your Navel Chakra. This energy wheel in the body, also known as the...

Gigi Yogini
October 15 2012

7 Windows to the Soul

Chakras are organizational centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life-force energy. They are the stepping-stones between heaven...

Anodea Judith
October 4 2012