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7 Windows to the Soul

Chakras are organizational centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life-force energy. They are the stepping-stones between heaven...

Anodea Judith
October 4 2012

7 Steps to Natural Health and Healing

I believe more and more people are looking for a natural approach to health and healing.

Diana Brook
September 28 2012

10 Reasons to Practice Shoulderstand Every Day

Shoulderstand (sarvangasana) is often referred to as the “queen of all yoga postures,” with Headstand being deemed the “King.” The many benefits of...

Lisa Mitchell
September 21 2012

5 Reasons to Practice Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. It is the supreme method to awaken your awareness and take you into your infinite self. It is a natural...

Erin McGuire
September 13 2012

5 Ways to Heal Your Knee Chakras

Lately I’ve found myself dealing with situations that are not within my realm of control. Ironically, when this happens I respond by being overly...

Jennifer White
September 12 2012

How to Find Your Voice with Your Throat Chakra

Whether it’s a rebel yell or a soft whisper, our voice is our primary outlet into the external world.

Lisa Munger
September 11 2012

7 Steps (And Chakras) to Reconnect With You

I am 31-years-old, have a full-time (stressful) job, am looking to teach yoga as a new career (positive thinking!), and am currently planning my...

Jenn Rooney
September 7 2012

The Transformative Powers of 'Bija Mantra' Meditation

In Vedic tradition, “Bija Mantras” are used as tools for the expansion and widening of one’s mind by utilizing the power of sound vibrations. “Mantra”...

Sohini Trehan
August 25 2012

Hunger: What Are You Really Craving?

My body is amazing at letting me know I’m disconnected from my deeper self. Take last week for example, each day I found myself wanting sugar. And...

Melissa Baker
August 21 2012

5 Ways to Balance Your Crown Chakra

Your crown chakra is complex, since it’s your connection to the spiritual world around you—as well as to your innermost self. As a yogi, I like that...

Jennifer White
July 17 2012

The Second Chakra - Adore Your Pelvic Floor

There are seven wheels of energy in your body known as the Chakras. These are the internal forces that affect how you experience the world whether you...

Gigi Yogini
July 9 2012

How to Bust Open Your Heart Chakra

A few weeks ago one of my closest friends and I had a misunderstanding that quickly blew into a big, fat storm of an argument. Over what, you may say?...

Lisa Munger
June 18 2012

Feeling Sexually Aroused During Yoga?

As a teacher, I am asked all kinds of questions about the practices of yoga. Sometimes they are obvious ones that range from "How long will it take to...

Heather Morton
June 12 2012

Nutritional & Spiritual Tips to Boost Your Sex Drive

Of all the areas of our lives that stress and exhaustion affect, sex drive has got to be the most frustrating.

Ciel Grove
June 9 2012

Simple Meditation for Awesome Sleep

Ah, sleep. My body gets this weird tingly sensation right before I fall asleep. It’s one of my favorite feelings in the world because I know I’m about...

Jennifer White
May 19 2012