Nicole Carlin, M.A.

Registered Yoga Teacher

Nicole Carlin, M.A, is a dynamic, playful and fiercely feminine E-RYT certified yoga instructor specializing in vinyasa, Yin and fertility yoga teacher. She is considered a Yoga and Wellness Expert for Demand Media’s Talent and Expert Network and has published over 2,000 articles on yoga, sex, fitness and wellness on the websites of industry giants – TheNest, AZCentral, LIVESTRONG and USAToday. Through her inspirational teaching and vibrant, knowledgeable writing, Nicole empowers women to nurture their physical, emotional and sexual health. Her book Hot Yoga, Hotter Sex in slated to be published May 2013.

Connect with Nicole for worldwide 200-hr accelerated yoga teacher trainings, workshops, 'Bloomva' yoga fertility e-courses , writing, videos and more. You can find her on YouTube and Instagram @NicoleCarlinYoga

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