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What Are The Koshas And What Can They Do For You?

Last updated on October 27, 2020

The koshas are energetic layers or sheaths that move from the outermost layer of skin to the deep spiritual core. The koshas provide a framework for conceptualizing ourselves. Much like the chakra system, the kosha layers come packaged with their own individual physiological function and psychology. In some respects, the kosha layers mirror the psychology of the chakras.

For those of you wondering what the individual koshas are and how they relate your being as a whole, below you'll find brief descriptions of each.

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Annamaya kosha 

The first layer of the koshas represents the physical body, including the skin, muscles, connective tissue, fat and bones. When you pinch the side of your waist and feel the skin and muscle under your fingers, you engage with annamaya kosha. For a lot of people the first layer might be where we spend the most time hanging out, locked in our physical senses


Pranamaya kosha 

The second layer represents the pranic or subtle body — in essence, it's the circulatory system for prana, or “life-force energy.” It also includes the fluid, physical aspects of the anatomical body that control the movement of blood, lymph and cerebrospinal fluid through the body and the circulatory movement of breath through the respiratory system. In psychological terms, pranamaya kosha controls our bodily and spiritual rhythm.

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Manomaya kosha

The third layer takes us into the deep recesses of the mind, emotions and nervous system. While modern science has developed an acute understanding of the inner working of the brain, the mind, motivations and emotions still retain a mysterious quality. The manomaya kosha makes up the control panel for the emotional and physical body, sending messages through your brain synapses and the central nervous system. It’s this layer where you move from physical feeling and rhythm to emotional feeling.


Vijanamaya kosha

Diving underneath the sea of emotions in the manomaya kosha, we reach the wisdom body of the fourth kosha —Vijanamaya. It’s here that we develop awareness, insight and consciousness. Emotions left unchecked by awareness are destructive. The awareness of vijanamaya kosha illuminates our deeper desires and motivation and allows us to see the choice we have in all things. Instead of simply feeling or acting, we choose to feel or act with intention. Sometimes the intention is simply to move past the emotion into pure sensation and bliss.

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Anandamaya kosha

The fifth and last kosha drops from conscious awareness into the pure and radiant bliss body. Within the anadamaya kosha, you might experience connection with all things, liberation from suffering and a state of being often described as “in the flow.”

Throughout the day, notice yourself shifting between the koshas layers:

Right now I feel hot.

Right now I’m paying attention to my breathing.

Right now I feel upset.

Right now I understand why I reacted that way yesterday.

Right now I’m deep in meditation.

Right now I feel bliss.

Yoga helps you to create a track to the deeper subtle kosha layers, so they’re easier to access. As asana prepares the outer body, yogic breathing turns your attention to the pranic body. Lastly, yogic philosophy provides the tools for bringing awareness to your fluctuating emotional state of mind, so you can embody and radiate health and bliss.

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Nicole Carlin, M.A.
Nicole Carlin, M.A.
Registered Yoga Teacher

Nicole Carlin, M.A, is a dynamic, playful and fiercely feminine E-RYT certified yoga instructor specializing in vinyasa, Yin and fertility yoga teacher. She is considered a Yoga and Wellness Expert for Demand Media’s Talent and Expert Network and has published over 2,000 articles on yoga, sex, fitness and wellness on the websites of industry giants – TheNest, AZCentral, LIVESTRONG and USAToday. Through her inspirational teaching and vibrant, knowledgeable writing, Nicole empowers women to nurture their physical, emotional and sexual health. Her book Hot Yoga, Hotter Sex in slated to be published May 2013.

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