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5 Reasons To Get Your Microbiome Sequenced

Photo by Chelsea Victoria
October 18, 2017

It feels like we’re learning more and more about gut health every day. And for good reason! The proper balance of bacteria and fungi in the microbiome plays a critical role in our digestion1, immunity, and so many other aspects of our health. Maintaining a healthy gut can feel overwhelming at times—with so much information out there and experts offering conflicting advice.

So where do you start? A great place to begin your journey to optimal gut health is by getting a BIOHM Gut Report. It’s important to know the facts about the unique populations of microbes inhabiting your gut. Here are five reasons to get your microbiome sequenced so you can really start investing wisely in your gut health:

1. You can ease "gut balance paranoia."

Once you learn about all the things that can upset your microbiome—like antibiotics, stress, a poor diet, and pharmaceutical or over-the-counter drugs—it’s easy to assume that your microbiome is a total mess. But when it comes to our health, we should never assume. Getting your microbiome sequenced allows you to get specific about your unique microbial composition.

2. You'll get familiar with the mycobiome.

Have you heard of the mycobiome? It’s the community of fungi that live in our bodies. The term was coined by Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum—a microbiologist who led digestive health research funded by the National Institutes of Health. These same labs have made other critical discoveries using genetic sequencing, like discovering how bacteria and fungi work together to create digestive plaque and identifying the critical role of fungi in Crohn's disease. Knowing what your gut’s bacterial and fungal composition looks like is what makes the BIOHM Gut Report unique and more comprehensive than other tests that just report on bacterial composition. The role of fungi in gut health can’t be ignored or underestimated.

3. You'll stop spinning your wheels with diet.

Photo: Jovo Jovanovic

Without knowing for sure what your gut balance status is, making diet and lifestyle changes can be hard. Without having the right information in your hands, you can’t be sure you’re tailoring your diet to your specific needs. For example, if—after getting your BIOHM Gut Report results—you see higher levels of Candida, you might consider cutting sugar and alcohol out of your diet for some time. This can be a big commitment, so there’s no reason to play when you can have the specifics of a BIOHM Gut Report.

4. You can finally choose the right probiotic.

Walking down the supplement aisle and being confronted with endless options can be intimidating to even the most wellness-savvy individual. There are just so many choices. But if (and when!) you get your microbiome sequenced, you can start taking the right probiotic for YOU. The truth is that depending on your BIOHM Gut Report, you may not even need a probiotic. Either one is OK—it’s all about making an informed decision.

This test could even shed light on the fact that some of the lifestyle choices you’re making are actually contributing to your gut imbalance. All in all, a BIOHM Gut Report puts you in a position of empowerment where you can make informed decisions about your health and wellness.

5. You'll truly understand the complexity of the microbiome.

Knowledge is power! Great gut health is a moving target. It’s all about appreciating the extraordinary complexity of the ecosystem that lives within us and then making lifestyle choices that encourage a proper balance of bacteria and fungi. Once you know the facts, the lifestyle changes that optimize your microbiome health—like adjusting your diet, getting a blissful eight hours of sleep, and adopting a mindfulness practice to tackle stress—will go a whole lot further.