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8 Tips for Creating a Sacred Space to Replenish Your Spirit

September 1, 2010

Create a room or nook where you can reflect, be quiet, go inside, and get centered. In your daily life, you have so much to think about and to do. Between work, children, and errands, you hardly have a moment for yourself. This is why you must have a special place to renew your connection with your inner self and spirit. When you create a place in your home that encourages quietness, it will call out to your soul “Come, sit and listen.” Below are eight ideas for creating a sacred space:

1. Convert an attic or guest room or simply create a corner or window seat in your living area that is dedicated to self-nourishment. A space that you deem “sacred” immediately sets the tone for going inward.

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2. Hang a screen, beads, or billowy curtain to emphasize the importance of the environment as a place of solitude. This sacred space can be used to receive inner guidance and knowledge as well as to write, draw, paint, chant, play an instrument, or simply listen to birds sing outside.

3. To set the mood for contemplation, meditation, or prayer, place pillows on the floor or find a comfortable chair that supports your back.

4. Set up an altar with spiritual objects to bring in the energy of spirituality. Each object can be placed with an intention for going deep within your heart and soul.

5. Creating an altar can be as simple as draping a small table with a special fabric. On top of the table, place items such as a scented candle, incense burner, essential oil diffuser, or natural objects like rocks and seashells that bring in the earth element. You can place a symbol of your religion or spiritual practice as well.

6. Add plants and flowers for energy, color and increased oxygen. Lavender and purple symbolize spirituality, pink opens the heart, green brings in nature’s balance and yellow stimulates health.

7. Hang pictures of gardens, mountains, spiritual teachers, angels, or mentors to impart a feeling of peace and harmony.

8. Soft music and an insightful book will offer you inspiration. Spiritual poetry from mystics such as Rumi can be a gateway into divine contemplation.

Your special nook is a perfect place to ask for guidance, connect with the divine, do yoga, practice deep breathing and create a positive vision for your life. As you refocus on your inner life, you’ll find yourself calmer, clearer, happier and more inspired to follow your heart.

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