Self-Care Sunday: The Hair Care Entrepreneur Who Loves Adaptogens & Scalp Treatments

mbg Beauty Contributor By Stefani Padilla
mbg Beauty Contributor
Stefani Padilla is a hairstylist living in Los Angeles, California. Alongside steadily transforming hair for clients in Los Angeles and New York, she is the creator of all-natural hair care line, La Tierra Sagrada (the sacred Earth). La Tierra Sagrada comes from the desire to share Padilla's learned wisdom of plant medicine in the form of hair medicine.
Self-Care Sunday: The Hair Care Entrepreneur Who Loves Adaptogens & Scalp Treatments

Being a traveling hairstylist for a living, as well as running a natural hair care line, leaves very little time for self-care. I'm sure many of you can relate. But as someone who takes care of others for a living, self-care is an essential part of my routine. That's why Sunday has become the day I focus on nourishing myself. I don't always get to do the full shebang, but I try to at least once a month. Although it sounds extravagant, it's what keeps me feeling at my best and helps me recalibrate.

I start with sleep.

It all starts with sleep! It's wintertime here in the Northwest, so getting some extra sleep during this darker season helps restore my body and health, resetting it for the coming springtime.


Then, I make my morning adaptogenic tonic.

I begin each morning with a glass of alkalizing lemon water, followed by my morning ritual tonic—my current obsession is Sun Potion's rhodiola and anandamide. I mix these two powders with steamed homemade cashew-almond milk and a dash of raw honey for a warming drink filled with nutrients to jump-start my day. I always tell my clients that one of the truest secrets to healthy, nourished hair is eating nourishing foods.

Next up is meditation.

Do you see an emerging theme? I like to take Sunday mornings slow. Tea is a huge part of my life, and I start my Sunday mornings off with a grounding tea ritual, using the highest-quality living teas sourced from their native environments. Tea is my way to connect with nature and ground deeply into a meditation that prepares me for my weekly hair ritual with the La Tierra Sagrada Hair Treatment.

Then I connect with my body through my scalp.

I set an intention for the ritual and deeply massage the oil into the scalp. I pull the oil into the hair, then using a "Free Your Hair" brush, I stimulate the follicle and pull the oil through the hair.

If I have the time, I head to Loyly, a local Finnish Spa and Sauna here in Portland (Oregon) once my hair is saturated. I don't get any fancy treatments but pay the day rate to spend a few hours at the sauna, in and out of dry heat and steam. The heat helps the oil absorb deeply into my hair, scalp, and roots. Loyly serves an incredible tea made of burdock and dandelion root, which I sip while relaxing and scribbling in my journal, looking ahead to the coming week.

I finish my spa visit with a shower and massaging hair wash with a thorough shampoo and conditioner, which cleanse and moisturize the hair gently without stripping the natural oils from the hair. They help to seal in the nutrients from the treatment as well.


Finally, I move on to a face mask.

Once I'm back home, I do a little self-care for my face with my latest obsession, LilFox chlorophyll and tourmaline French green sea clay mask. I leave this soothing mask on my skin while reading a book or watching an episode of Planet Earth. After rinsing, I mix Osea algae oil with the anti-aging body balm and gently massage my face.

The rest of the day is spent sharing cherished time with my sweetheart and dear family or friends.

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