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Don't Forget About Your Neck! Here's A Routine That Works

Lindsay Kellner
Contributing Wellness & Beauty Editor By Lindsay Kellner
Contributing Wellness & Beauty Editor
Lindsay is a freelance writer and certified yoga instructor based in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a journalism and psychology degree from New York University. Kellner is the co-author of “The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide to Ancient Self Care,” with mbg Sustainability Editor Emma Loewe.
Don't Forget About Your Neck! Here's A Routine That Works

If the eyes are windows to the soul, the neck is the superhighway to the face. Seriously. It's home to lymph nodes and major veins and arteries, which carry blood and lymph to and from the head. Close to the neck are our thyroid and thymus glands, both of which moderate hormones.

Tech neck is making your face skin dull.

Tech neck or text neck is a relatively new phenomenon that nods to our digital addictions—always looking down at our devices, the neck is in a protracted position now more than ever. "Our posture is getting shittier," said Britta Plug, aesthetician and holistic health coach, who has seen tech neck affect her New York City client base.

"As soon as the neck is routinely pulled out of alignment, the muscles start to take new shape. The skin will behave differently as a result of the underlying tension, and bunching will affect the flow of lymph and blood to the face." In other words, yes, your Instagram habit is quite literally robbing your skin of radiance.

"The massage teachers I studied with—in both Eastern and Western philosophies—say that you have to work the neck first in facial massage. We almost might as well not work the face if we're forgoing the neck," said Plug.


Don't forget about your neck! Here's how to care for it.

"I think all neck products are mostly marketing," said Cybele Fishman, M.D. "Any good anti-aging product for the face will benefit the neck taking into account caveats about irritation." So it's safe to use face products on your neck, but Dr. Fishman recommends choosing products that are more gentle. When it comes to using a retinoid, "you need to decrease the strength of the retinoid," she said. So if you use a 0.05 percent formula on your face, use a 0.025 percent on your neck, or decrease the frequency, for example.

Here are Dr. Fishman and Plug's tips for a better neck:

1. Pay more attention to your neck throughout the day.

One super simple way to avoid tech neck is to become more aware of your habits. How often are you looking down with your chin tucked into your chest? You might try scrolling through Instagram with your phone out in front of your face instead of in your hands.

2. Pucker up (literally) to stretch out your neck before bed.

This doesn’t need to take more than five minutes. Plug recommends stretching out the front of your neck—the part that's compressed thanks to tech neck—to release the muscles there and allow for better blood and lymph flow, which will ultimately improve your skin. Look up to the ceiling slowly and move your jaw around. Then, after you've been in that position for a moment, pucker your lips. This movement draws the fascia and tissue upward, providing a huge release.


3. Wear sun protection.

We've gotten so good about putting sunscreen on our faces, but don't forget your neck. Especially if you drive most days, and don’t forget the sides of the neck, Dr. Fishman warned. She also said age spots on the neck are more difficult to correct with lasers and other medical treatments, so prevention is critical.

4. Choose gentle, anti-inflammatory products for your neck.

As mentioned above, Dr. Fishman said you can use facial products on your neck but decrease the frequency or intensity. The neck skin, like the skin around the eyes, is thinner and more sensitive. It might be a good idea to skip drying clay-based masks and acid-based products, she said. Plug recommends hydrating products as well, such as Manuka honey. If you're experiencing acne on your neck Laurel Organics' blemish serum and Odacite's pimple serum are nondrying options.


5. Address the underlying issues.

"From what I've seen, any adult acne especially along the jawline is associated with stress," Plug said, citing adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalance. If you notice that you're breaking out on your neck, it might be a sign that your body is unbalanced and is worth talking to your doctor about.

Interested in learning more holistic beauty tricks? This facial fascia manipulation technique is the natural version of Botox.

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