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Leave Negativity At The Door With These Sacred Home Cleanses

Queen Afua
March 4, 2021
Queen Afua
By Queen Afua
Queen Afua is a Master Holistic Healer and Herbalist. She is the author of seven bestselling wellness books, "Sacred Woman" being the most well-read text.
March 4, 2021
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If you don't view your home as a sacred space, you may be experiencing some serious chaos in your life. Keeping your home clean and pure is not merely a physical act; it is a spiritual discipline that teaches you how to maintain divine order in your life.

Your home, your living temple, directly reflects your spiritual condition and worldly state. So get out of the habit of just rushing out of your home for something so important or demanding that you had to leave dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, the floor unswept, and papers everywhere.

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The purification of your home sets the tone of your day.

As a result of leaving your home in disarray, you are sure to meet confusion in the streets. So happily wash those dishes; joyfully hang up your clothes; place books on their proper shelves and important papers in a file and out of sight; peacefully make your bed. Know that all the good housekeeping that you are performing is actually prayer in motion.

Snt Tehuti's grandmother used to say, "Always prepare your clothes the night before, keep your hair, nails, and body clean and looking nice. Clean up the dishes in the sink, and have your clothes neatly pressed and clean. Make up your bed, and always make sure your home is in order before you leave the house." Your home is sacred, and it should be quiet, comforting, clean, and at peace.

Spiritual house-cleansing ideas:

  1. Burn jasmine incense in the mornings for peace. Our ancestors used various sweet-smelling oils in every ritual, ceremony, offering, and celebration, as shown on the temple walls of Dendera in Upper Egypt, Kham in Luxor, and throughout the many sacred temples.
  2. Wash your house down first with a cleaner (to cleanse) and then with Florida water (to sweeten), then burn frankincense and myrrh incense for purification.
  3. Use a pendulum to detect specific spots of imbalance. There are numerous books on how to dowse (read vibrations) with a pendulum, or you can study pendulum reading in workshops.
  4. Clean and wash out drawers and closets. Baba Ishangi says that demons hide in the closets, so beware: Clean and cleanse those closets!
  5. Affirm: "My home is as pure as it can be. It is clear of all negativity." As you cleanse your home, over and over, place sea salt in the corners of your home for additional cleansing. Purification rituals with salt were practiced by our ancient Ancestors (Priestesses) before performing rituals or ceremonies. This can be seen in the conception scene on the walls of the Temple of Edfu at Aswan.

Sweeping out bad vibrations with your cinnamon broom.

When I was in Ghana, West Africa, I watched women sweeping their earthen floors with a deep sense of purpose.

Keeping the home clean always began with sweeping away physical dirt. But this activity also symbolizes getting rid of negative vibrations. For example, if someone negative comes into your home, pick up a clean broom and sweep out the low vibes after they leave.

For deeper cleansing after traumatic events such as death or fire or violence, "sweep out" your Body Temple as well by eating green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. For protection once you have swept your home, place a braid of fresh garlic above or by your door. Keep a broom by the door for emergencies. When a negative person or experience departs, simply sweep the bad vibrations out of your sacred space.

If you can, use a cinnamon broom or sweet-scented broom to sweep in good vibrations and to send sweetness and kindness to the individual who has just departed the house. Use compassion when you sweep out and release negative vibrations.

To make a cinnamon broom, boil a large pot of water, turn off the flame, and add 2 tbsp. of powdered cinnamon. Place the pot on the floor on a trivet and place the broom in the water. Allow the broom to steep in the pot for four to eight hours. Remove the broom, and shake off the excess water in a bathtub or outdoors. Let the broom dry in the sun if possible.

Excerpted from Sacred Woman copyright © 2021 by Queen Afua/Helen O. Robinson. 2021 One World Trade Paperback Edition. Used by permission of One World Books, an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC, New York. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. 


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Queen Afua

Queen Afua is a Master Holistic Healer and Herbalist, Polarity Practitioner, and lay midwife.

She is the author of seven bestselling wellness books, Sacred Woman being the most well-read text. Queen Afua is also the Mother of Womb Wellness Movement and is founder of Womb Yoga Dance, and thousands of women worldwide have joined Queen Afua in The Sacred Woman Rites of Passage, from America, Africa, London, and The Virgin Islands.

Queen Afua is the Chief Priestess of The Nile Valley of Khemet, who teaches her healing works of the in-dwelling healer. Among her many celebrity clients are Erykah Badu, Vanessa Williams, Stevie Wonder, Lauren London, India Arie, and Common. Queen Afua has also been invited to appear on Essence Wellness Expo to share her holistic gifts, and was given the opportunity by renowned DJ Beverly Bond to host a weekly show on the Black Girls Rock platform, offering The Sacred Circle with Queen Afua, including celebrity guests and other wellness warriors with the intentions of elevating the greater community.