"Life-Changing" Benefits mbg Reviewers Noticed After Taking This Probiotic*

mbg Senior Health Editor By Kristine Thomason
mbg Senior Health Editor
Kristine Thomason is the senior health editor at mindbodygreen.
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At mindbodygreen, we know that targeted supplements can be life-transforming—in fact, our co-founders and co-CEOs experienced this firsthand. That's precisely why they set out to create a line of research-backed, solutions-oriented supplements for the mbg family. This innovative supplement line launched over a year ago.



Four targeted strains to beat bloating and support regularity.*

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

One example: probiotic+, which features four clinically researched strains specifically designed to ease bloating, aid digestion, and elevate your gut microbiome (it's actually the only supplement in the world with this combo of probiotics).* What's more, it can aid nutrient absorption, promote abdominal comfort, and support a healthy weight.*

While knowing the science-backed benefits is already exciting, what's even better is hearing how they've helped individuals lead happier, healthier lives.* Below, 11 people share how probiotics+ made a "game-changing" impact.*


"They really changed my life."*

"I don't see myself ever without these. I have struggled with regularity and bloating. It takes about two weeks to have these in your system, and then your life changes. I really thought I would do the first month, and, like with everything else, it would not do what it says, at least for me, but I was mistaken and they really changed my life; thank you."*

—Deborah F.

"A daily must-have."

"I can always tell if I forget to take this daily. My body is sluggish and tired when I don't take it daily. It personally gives me energy and a clear mind. Not to mention my gut is happy...finally! After years of gut needs, this is the ONLY thing that has proven to work."*

—Tabitha S.


"Balance at last!"*

"This perfectly formulated probiotic has given me a balanced gut microbiome at last! After trying many different products over the years, this one really works, without causing additional negative side effects."*

—Erica J.

"Best probiotic I've tried."*

"I've been taking probiotics for about five years and never really noticed a real difference in the way I looked or felt. I just took them because I knew they were 'good for me.' I started taking probiotic+ at the beginning of February, and a week in, I started noticing a real difference in the way I felt (less bloated and gassy, TMI but true), and three weeks in, I noticed real changes in my digestion. If you have digestive needs, this is the probiotic for you. I am now on their auto-order program!"*

—Ivete C.


"Great probiotic."*

"I was at a point where I really needed help to calm my digestive tract even though I was taking a probiotic. After reading the reviews about how this product helped other people to feel better and have a healthier digestive system, I decided to try the probiotic from mindbodygreen. It has really helped to calm my gut and has helped me to feel better overall. Thank you for this product!"*

—Millie S.

"I feel 100 times better."*

"Seriously so grateful I found this probiotic! Third probiotic I have tried, and it's a game-changer! Feel 100 times better after just a month."*

—Abby B.


"Best probiotic ever."*

"I've tried many probiotics and have found I just feel more energetic and balanced from this. I'm on my third month of using them, and I feel great!"*

—Susan K.

"I'm a new person!"

"This probiotic has literally changed my life for the better. Finally, a probiotic that lives up to its name. Thank you."*

—Anastacia R.


"Life-altering product."*

"I'm just going to put this bluntly: This probiotic helps me poop regularly, smoothly, gently, and healthily. I've had digestive needs for years, and I have found the solution. Worked very quickly to get me regular and comfortable. I'm so thankful for it. Thank you, mindbodygreen!"*

—Debra S.

"I would bring these to a deserted island!"

"These are the best probiotics I've taken after previously trying four different brands! With consistent use, I've noticed a huge difference with bloating and regularity. I used to become bloated by the end of the day, and now I rarely experience that. I get nervous when I come to the end of a bottle! I would bring these to a deserted island!"*

—Caroline T.

"Like 'magic in a bottle.'"*

"Honestly, this changed my body. I'm vegan and have tried literally 50 different brands over the past few years, and every single one made me bloat like crazy or made me break out. This probiotic+, though? My skin is so clear (even on my cycle!), and ALL of my bloat is gone. ALL OF IT! I just subscribed to a monthly bottle—seriously, order it. It is worth every cent."*

—Kristine K.

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