Finding The Good: Here's The Positive News We Read This Week

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mbg Editorial Assistant
Christina Coughlin is an editorial assistant at mindbodygreen. She graduated from Georgetown University in 2019 with a degree in psychology and music.
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As we venture into the second month of a global pandemic, we've continued to be amazed by the good that still exists out there. Let's start the week off right with some of our favorite positive pieces of news:

In a continuation of all the support given to hospitals and health care workers during this time, Starbucks has pledged to give 1 million cups of free coffee to all front-line responders in the United States and Canada. VOSS water has been sending bottles of water to hospitals in areas most affected by the outbreak, with over 700,000 bottles donated so far. 

As a new take on the typical Happy Meal, McDonald's has created a Thank You Meal, offered exclusively to health care workers and first responders. The chain is offering a range of free meals as a small token of appreciation to those who are risking their lives to keep the rest of us safe.

To support struggling artists, the Affordable Art Fair has launched an online exhibition featuring artwork from galleries that had to close and postpone their art fairs due to COVID-19. To view some beautiful artwork while supporting small businesses, check out their "Twelve Trending Galleries" series.

One part of daily life that many in the wellness community have missed in recent weeks is a trip to the gym. In an effort to help out struggling fitness studios and their employees, beverage brand O2 has created a Community Coalition program, allowing customers who purchase their product to direct 50% of each sale as a donation to their local gym. So far, over 2,500 gyms have benefited from their members using the program, with the proceeds totaling around $200,000. 

To help keep kids engaged with the arts during quarantine, graphic journalist Wendy McNaughton has begun hosting daily drawing classes for children on her Instagram. The organization #DrawTogether has also raised money to donate art supplies to kids in need, in an effort to keep them connected with the world around them and maintain creativity.

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