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Last updated on April 20, 2020

Before our son was born about two years ago, my wife and I regularly ate home-cooked meals. Most nights, we had the time to make dinners that were pretty healthy. But when James came along and the two of us were working full time while raising a child, we'd realistically only have time to cook on Sunday nights. The rest of the week, I'd end up eating takeout, quick bites on the way home from work, or the mac and cheese off of James's plate.

Now, with both of us working from home, we're even more strapped for time. Juggling our active 2-year-old and adjusting to full days of video conferences while trying to find time to work out, healthy meals remain low on the priority list. It's easier to just throw a meal together ad hoc and then get back to work. And since we're limiting our grocery runs, we need to think more creatively about balanced meals—and that means I'm trying to ration the fresh produce we have instead of dumping our weekly stash of spinach into one of my morning smoothies. 

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These challenges have been adding up: Even before we started working from home and our schedules drastically changed, I noticed that I felt more sluggish and less energetic at the end of the day. It was obvious that it had a lot to do with how I've been eating, and I didn't want to continue down this path. 

I wanted to know: Could a convenient greens powder help?

I've been making a smoothie every morning for years because they're fast and easy. Usually, they consist of yogurt, fruit, and whatever leafy veggies are lying around in the fridge. I knew there was room to be more thoughtful with my daily smoothie and use it as a way to get even more nutrition. I'm also super focused on immune health right now and have been researching the best foods to eat to help keep my immunity up.

mindbodygreen's organic veggies+ checked all my boxes: convenient and easy to add to recipes, USDA organic certified, and made with ingredients that help support immune function. It's a whole-foods-based powder blend made with hard-to-find organic sea vegetables (like kelp and chlorella), plus the necessary dark leafy greens that I'm clearly not getting enough of in my diet. I also liked that the blend doesn't have any synthetic vitamins or minerals that you often see in other greens powders. The ingredients are of the highest quality so I knew I was getting a product I could trust.*

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What a scoop of organic veggies+ did for my daily nutrition.

I started adding one scoop of organic veggies+ into my blender with the rest of my smoothie ingredients and right away loved how it deepens the flavor. I've already noticed benefits, like when I exercise, my body bounces back more quickly post-workout. My energy levels are up, and I even need less caffeine throughout the day. My immunity overall feels strong.*

What I like most about organic veggies+ is the assurance that, no matter what's happening in my day, I'm still getting all the nutrition that I've been missing and used to get with more balanced meals. Now I can really focus on other priorities—family, friends, and work—without sacrificing what I need for my own well-being. 

I couldn't be more excited about the impact that organic veggies+ is having on my daily nutrition, so it was inevitable that I started adding it to other snacks and meals throughout the day. I can personally attest that it pairs just as nicely with soups, dressings, and, yes—even my share of James's mac and cheese.