Want Glowing Skin Tomorrow? Experts Share The Nighttime Routines They Swear By

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When it comes to skin care, there are some products, routines, and techniques that stand out as true fail-safes—the old (or new) reliables you can trust to work every time without having to worry about whether they'll cause irritation. And within this fail-safe category, there's a special subcategory that works especially well overnight for better tone, texture, and clarity in the morning. We asked mbg's skin care experts what they do the night before a big day or special event to get their skin glowing. Here are the products and routines they swear by:

1. Layers of serum.

"If I have a breakout, I’ll use Marie Veronique’s intensive repair serum on the spots and then top it with a concentrated dollop of the antioxidant boost mixed with True Botanicals cellular repair serum or water. I’ll often do this treatment if I’ve picked at blemishes." Katey Denno, celebrity makeup artist

2. A light home peel and hydrating mask.

"The night before a big event, I like to do a mask containing hyaluronic acid (as long as you have tried it before, to mitigate any allergic reactions, that is the last thing you want!) will make the skin appear well-hydrated and plumped in a good way. And if there's time, about five days before, I do a light home peel—I like the M61 Daily Glow peel pads, for example." Cybele Fishman, M.D., holistic dermatologist

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3. Gua sha and facial cupping.

"I’m extra thorough with each step when I’m prepping for a big day the next day. I also try to take extra time to settle my mind, through a bath, meditation, or gua sha, since I notice that I always wake up puffy when my mind is spinning all night!" Britta Plug, mbg Collective member, holistic esthetician, and health coach

4. Balance salt and water intake, plus a good mask.

"When I need to look good in the morning, I try to be mindful about how much salt I'm eating the day before as well as how much water I’m drinking. Keeping those in balance is important because being overhydrated or consuming too much salt shows up on my face. I also really like The Organic Pharmacy Honey Jasmin Mask—I use that and then go to sleep with it on." Jessa Blades, mbg Collective member, herbalist, and natural beauty expert

5. Antioxidant boost.

"If it’s looking dull and spotty, I’ll mix in my palm two shakes of True Botanicals Antioxidant Booster with two shakes of their Vitamin C Booster with three pumps of their serum and a number of drops of oil. If I’m really dry, I’ll top that with a thin layer of Biossance Probiotic Gel." —Katey Denno

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6. Avoid new treatments.

"Avoid any procedure you have not done before, any topical product you have not used. The last thing you want is an allergic reaction. I am a huge retinoid fan, but as there is a period of adjustment for the skin where it may flake, don't start a retinoid for the first time within two weeks of the big event." —Cybele Fishman, M.D.

7. Gentle acids.

"If my skin is looking dull, I’ll swipe some of REN Clean Skincare's Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic on and maybe a bit of their Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial and call it a night." —Katey Denno

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