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An All-Natural Aesthetician Spills Her Secrets For Gorgeous Skin

Last updated on September 3, 2020

The first time rockstar aesthetician Britta Plug got her hands on our faces at Williamsburg's Treatment by Lanshin, it was clear that our skin would never be the same. Between her calming demeanor, deep knowledge of natural skin care, ability to read an individual's skin to give it exactly what it needs, and general feel-good vibes, Plug is truly a skin guru. Her flawless, dewy complexion had us begging to know what she used on herself. Mystery solved.

The therapeutic benefits I experience from beauty rituals are a major part of what led me into this line of work, and I still take genuine pleasure in my daily beauty routines. Using high-quality natural products that are prepared with intention and contain mindfully sourced therapeutic-grade ingredients elevates a beauty routine from a chore into a grounding self-care practice that engages the senses, soothes the nervous system, and works well beyond skin deep. Here is a peek into my basic daily beauty rituals.

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My morning skin care routine focuses on energizing and strengthening the face, and gets me ready to face the day in about 5 to 10 minutes.


For most (myself included), a thorough cleansing before bed is enough. In the morning I just rinse my face with water in the shower, no cleanser.

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After patting my skin dry with a towel, I mist my face with a hydrator/toner. I’m currently using Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator, which contains vitamin-infused aloe water. The hydration step is crucial to overall skin moisture as it prepares the skin to fully receive and absorb the facial oil that comes next.


Next, I massage a dime-size amount of oil into my face and neck using light upward strokes and a few firmer circles on the jaw, third-eye area, and temples. Right now, I'm using Mahalo’s enlivening and hydrating Vitality Elixir, an exotic blend containing chia seed oil, turmeric, and CoEnzyme Q10.

Specialty Care

I'll apply Laurel’s Eye Serum and Blemish Treatment to the occasional menstrual blemish, along with Evan Healy’s essential-oil-based Blemish Purifying Serum.

Facial Toning

I finish my routine with a few targeted facial strengthening exercises for eyes, cheeks, and jawline. Just like regular curls will eventually produce a toned bicep, facial exercises really do work to lift, tone, and energize the face.


Now my face is totally ready for a light application of my favorite green makeup lines, RMS and W3ll People.


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Before bed I focus on deep cleansing, moisture repair, and relaxing the face.

Oil Cleanse

I am in love with oil cleansing and notice a big difference in skin clarity, reduction in blackheads, and skin softness for myself (as well as for clients) with consistent use.

In my experience there’s a certain magic that happens with correct oil cleansing. It’s all about letting the oil work its magic on the skin for a minute or so, then thoroughly removing it with a hot washcloth.

All traces of makeup, grit, and grime are completely removed, with skin left feeling soft and not at all stripped. I'm currently using Josh Rosebrook's Herbal Infusion Oil for my nighttime oil cleansing.


Again, I spray a few spritzes of Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator on my oil-cleansed skin.


At night, I’m working on reversing some sun damage using a dime-size amount of Laurel’s Sun Damage Repair serum, which features scarlet pimpernel, licorice, and helichrysum, all ingredients that target skin discoloration and are soothing.


In winter, I layer a balm over my oil at night for extra moisture and repair from the harsh weather and dry heat. I’m loving Laurel’s Restore Nightly balm, which contains calendula, sea buckthorn, and comfrey. It leaves my skin feeling soothed and deeply nourished.

I also use a nightly eye serum and blemish serum if necessary.

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Gua Sha

This is the most relaxing and juicy part of my whole routine. After taking in all the aromas and textures of the beautifully crafted products, I use my jade gua sha board for a mini massage to deeply penetrate the products into my skin and iron out tight muscles and tension patterns created during the day.

This ancient technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine leaves me blissed out and ready to crawl into bed for some sweet beauty rest.

All photos courtesy of author

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Britta Plug
Britta Plug
Holistic Esthetician and Skin Care Expert

Britta Plug is an NYC-based licensed esthetician and holistic health coach with over 12 years of experience. She holds an international skin-care diploma (CIDESCO), and is engaged in ongoing studies of meditation, herbalism, nutrition, and yoga. She is also the creator of Studio Britta.

In her early teens, Plug taught herself a pressure-point facial massage she found in the back of a DIY aromatherapy book. She practiced her new skill on friends at sleepovers and has been dedicated to healing skin care ever since.

Seeing each client’s need for personalized, skin-positive care, Plug weaves ancient and modern modes of healing into Facial Attunement™. She calls upon a wide array of techniques, from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to detoxifying massage and LED therapy, for a tailored experience.