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13 Moms Show The Beauty Of Breast-Feeding In These Stunning Photos

Photo by s: Shutterstock, Instagram: @supermodelmomma1, @milah_mappo, @ashyc123, @ivetteivens, Courtesy of HK Breastfeed Mothers' Association & Photo by Keith Cheung @photoTsunic, @hipsturbia_mom, @vanessa_prosser, @littlebirddoula, @ninafaith316, @jessbigley, @mckewz, @mirandadicks, @torrrieee
August 3, 2015

Most of us know the many benefits of breastfeeding — from boosting babies' brain development to upping mothers' metabolism after birth.

But if you're a mom, you probably also know that breastfeeding isn't always easy.

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With that in mind, a number of international health organizations banded together to create World Breastfeeding Week, a seven-day occasion for supporting and encouraging nursing mothers.

So to celebrate the week here at mindbodygreen, we decided to share some of our favorite portraits of breastfeeding mothers. After all, it's not just the likes of Blake Lively, Gisele Bundchen, and Gwen Stefani posting glowing 'grams on social media. As these stunning moms show, every mother brings beauty to the act of breastfeeding.

"There was no getting in a solo practice today," says @supermodelmomma1 — so she put the balancing act of motherhood into action.

"One of my favorite parts of being a new mommy," says @milah_mappo, as she nurses her little one in nature.

@ashyc123 captured this blissful beach moment between @veryimportantdatephotography and baby.

@ivetteivens shares a warm-and-fuzzy mothering moment with her felines.

In this photo by @phototsunic, a mother pauses in a busy Hong Kong airport to feed her little one.

"This is my purpose, this is my power," writes one mom, as she breastfeeds her baby in the Great Outdoors.

"My favorite place to feed her, listening to the ocean," says @vanessa_prosser.

@littlebirddoula captured this colorful scene while giving her baby a "mid-afternoon snack."

@ninafaith316 shares the sentiment behind this lush portrait: "There will be a time when he will no longer want my nourishment. The thought of this makes me emotional, so I will continue to soak in these moments as our bond grows stronger everyday."

"Dream dress: $200. Breastfeeding without fear: priceless," says @jessbigley, proving feeding and fashion aren't exclusive.

Mom of two @mckewz took this tropical shot to Instagram to #normalizebreastfeeding.

"I believe this is the best gift I've ever given, or better yet, ever received," writes @mirandadicks.

@torrrieee commissioned this photo shoot to celebrate nine months of breastfeeding: "It hasn't been easy, and I'm very proud of myself for sticking with it."

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