This Probiotic Supplement Helps Tackle Bloat When Nothing Else Works, Say mbg Reviews*

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mbg Senior Health Editor
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Expert review by Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., R.D.N.
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Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., R.D.N. is Director of Scientific Affairs at mindbodygreen. She received her bachelor's degree in Biological Basis of Behavior from the University of Pennsylvania and Ph.D. in Foods and Nutrition from the University of Georgia.
How To Help Relieve Bloat, According to mindbodygreen probiotic+ Reviews

Whether you're feeling bloated after a meal, a vacation, or otherwise—there's no denying unwanted gas is a total pain.

"Bloating is caused by an imbalance of good-to-bad bacteria in your gut," integrative medicine doctor Amy Shah, M.D., previously told mbg. That means, if there's an excess of "bad" bacteria—due to diet or lifestyle factors—it could lead to trapped gas and that dreaded bloat. One way to help increase that good bacteria? A high-quality probiotic supplement.*



Four targeted strains to beat bloating and support regularity.*

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

That's one of the reasons mbg decided to develop probiotic+, a supplement aimed to not only elevate overall gut health but also specifically help promote abdominal comfort by combating bloating and gas.* It features four types of probiotic strains, strategically targeted at supporting healthy digestion and regularity, while reducing bloat.*

Of course, developing a product is one thing, and hearing about its impact on the mbg community is another. We've been thrilled to hear about the number of ways probiotic+ has helped people with frustrating bloat, according to mbg reviewers:*


"Best probiotic I've tried."

"I've been taking probiotics for about five years and never really noticed a real difference in the way I looked or felt. I just took them because I knew they were 'good for me.' I started taking probiotic+ at the beginning of February, and a week in, I started noticing a real difference in the way I felt (less bloated and gassy, TMI but true), and three weeks in, I noticed real changes in my digestion."*

—Ivete C.

"I was skeptical, but it works!"*

"THESE WORK. For me, it took a while. nearly two months to start to see a change, a decrease in bloating and more regularity, better digestion, etc. But I am now on the third bottle and I will not live without these! Thank you for a quality product."*

—Deanna M.

"Calm stomach."*

"I have been taking this probiotic for a little over a month and my stomach is so much calmer with less noise, bloating, and gas. Relief!"*

—Linda D.

"It has significantly reduced my bloating."*

"I was about to give up on probiotics for my bloating but after finding this one I will stick with it. It has significantly reduced my bloating and other GI issues. It is truly a high quality product."*

—Lyn S.

"These really changed my life."*

"I don’t see myself ever w/o these. I have struggled with bloating. I have a gluten intolerance and thought it was due to that, but even without eating gluten I wasn’t really that bloated, but still had other issues. It takes about 2 weeks to have these in your system and then your life changes. I really thought I would order do the first month and like with everything else it would not do what it says, at least for me, but I was mistaken and they really changed my life, thank you."*

—Deborah F.

"Great for digestion."*

"This item is great! My bloat has gone down, plus digestion improvement. I will be buying more!"*

—Christina C.

"I've noticed a huge difference with bloating and regularity."*

"These are the best probiotics I've taken after previously trying four different brands! With consistent use, I've noticed a huge difference with bloating and regularity.* I used to become bloated by the end of the day, and now I rarely experience that. I get nervous when I come to the end of a bottle! I would bring these to a deserted island!"*

—Caroline T.

"Happy gut."*

"I have noticed a decrease in bloating, and my digestive system is working better."*

—Jill A.

"Magic in a bottle."*

"Honestly this changed my body. I'm vegan and have tried literally 50 different brands over the past few years, and every single one made me bloat or made me break out. This probiotic+ though? My skin is so clear (even on my cycle!), and ALL of my bloat is gone. ALL OF IT! I just subscribed to a monthly bottle—seriously, order it. It is worth every cent."*

—Kristine K.

"Great product."

"After using this product for just one month, I noticed a difference in my digestion. Less gas and bloating. Less of a heavy feeling in my gut. HIGHLY recommend. Worth every cent."*

—Dianne M.

"It's so nice never being bloated anymore!"*

"This product is so amazing. I saw results within a week to two weeks. It's so nice never being bloated anymore! I've been recommending to family and friends nonstop."*

—Erica J.

"I started feeling so much better."*

"After the holidays my stomach was dealing with a lot of issues. I had bloating and irregularity. But after introducing this probiotic every morning, I started feeling so much better. The bloating was gone, and things were so much more regular. Even when my diet wasn't perfect. It is clearly a high-quality probiotic. Highly recommend!"*

—Brittany W.

"Best probiotic I've ever purchased."*

"I'm on my third bottle and will be making this a forever supplement. My digestion seems improved, and my stomach looks flatter. Very effective overall."*

—Adrienne B.

"Helps gas!"*

"Really does help gas and bloating. Highly recommend."*

—Brielle K.

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