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This Probiotic Supplement Helped Clear Up My Acne Once & For All*

Izzy Mattoon
May 27, 2020
Izzy Mattoon
mbg Associate Marketing Manager
By Izzy Mattoon
mbg Associate Marketing Manager
Izzy Mattoon is the Associate Marketing Manager at mindbodygreen.
Izzy Mattoon taking a mindbodygreen probiotic+ supplement
Image by Caroline Mattoon
May 27, 2020

I have been on a 12-year journey with acne, most of which has been a huge struggle. I've tried nearly everything under the sun in an attempt to fix my skin issues: lotions and potions, facials, topical ointments, name it; I've probably tried it.

Most of these treatments did little to help—and several of them made things much worse. Over time I began to realize that even when something did make a slight impact, it was really just a Band-Aid masking the symptoms but never getting to the root of the problem. As my acne changed classifications from hormonal teenage acne to adult acne, I was hit with the realization that this might continue forever—something that I truly could not fathom. I felt powerless. 

I turned my attention to gut health.

mindbodygreen probiotic+ on a bathroom counter
Image by Izzy Mattoon

After feeling completely fed up, I decided to see a functional medicine doctor and nutritionist. Both types of health practitioners were completely new to me at the time, but my dad had recently started seeing them, so I thought I'd give it a try, too. They determined the problem might have to do with my gut, a concept that had not been brought up by any of my previous doctors. Within a month of eliminating sugar and gluten from my diet, starting a nutritional supplement regimen, and being mindful of stress, my acne had improved considerably. And over the last year-and-a-half of staying fairly consistent with my routine, I've managed to continue to support my gut and stay relatively acne-free.

Then, COVID-19 hit: My stress levels skyrocketed as everything got turned upside down. I slipped into my old eating habits, and let my supplements routine fall by the wayside. As a result, my acne came back with a vengeance. Anyone who has battled with cystic acne will understand how frustrating and demoralizing this can be. Luckily, I knew what actions to take to get my skin and gut health back on track. 

My review of probiotic+.

Ready to say goodbye to my acne for good, I jumped right back into a routine to aid my gut. I eliminated inflammation-promoting foods (for me, that includes sugar and gluten), reminded myself to breathe deeply, and this time, I incorporated mindbodygreen's probiotic+ into my rebooted supplements regimen.

During this tumultuous time, probiotic+ has been integral in getting my gut health and skin back on track.* While I already knew that focusing on gut health could help with my acne, I was blown away by how quickly probiotic+ made a difference. Within just a week and a half of taking this supplement, my cystic acne flare-up quickly started to dissipate.* It was unlike anything I'd previously experienced, and much more effective than the first time I changed my routine in favor of better skin.*

I've also felt my digestion improve dramatically.* I no longer wake up feeling bloated and uncomfortable, which is another marker of better gut health.*  

I take probiotic+ in the morning, post-workout and pre-breakfast, to start my day off on the right foot. With just one capsule, it's so quick and easy but makes such a noticeable difference in my skin and how I feel overall.*

For me, my skin is tied to my mental health; consequently, probiotic+ has also helped boost my mood and self-confidence—I no longer feel the need to throw on some concealer before an impromptu Zoom call. The added stress that acne causes has been lifted, making daily life a little brighter. 

Including probiotic+ as part of my morning routine keeps my gut health in check and my acne at bay.*

Probiotic+ makes my day that much easier by giving me one less thing to worry about. At the same time, it provides me with the comfort that I am actively working toward healing—not just masking—my gut and acne symptoms.* 

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Izzy Mattoon
mbg Associate Marketing Manager

Izzy Mattoon is the Associate Marketing Manager at mindbodygreen. She graduated with a degree in French from Georgetown University and spent a year teaching English in France prior to starting at mindbodygreen. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.