Want A Celeb-Like Glow? 3 Tips From The Original Natural Skin Care Experts 

Contributing writer By Natalie Decleve
Contributing writer
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Want A Celeb-Like Glow? 3 Tips From The Original Natural Skin Care Experts

I’m a woman in my 30s and I plan on aging gracefully. And by gracefully I mean as slowly and imperceptibly as possible. However, I also refuse to let my vanity affect my overall health. So when I heard about Tracie Martyn’s facials—billed as a natural alternative to Botox and fillers—I dropped my jade roller, grabbed a collagen water, and sprinted to her spa. 

As it turns out, I’m not the first to drop my plans for this treatment. Diane von Furstenberg, the power woman behind the wrap dress (and ironically my former employer) reportedly canceled a plastic surgery consultation after discovering Martyn’s facials and has been a weekly loyalist ever since. Today, Martyn flies around the world to meet high-profile clients, which include everyone from Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain to Lady Gaga and Rihanna–whose skin is so flawless it spawned the multimillion dollar cosmetic brand, Fenty. 

Tracie Martyn and her husband, holistic nutritionist Marius Morariu were non-toxic beauty pioneers in an era before “greenwashing” was born. In 1998 the duo wanted to blend wellness, ancient healing, and modern science to create products that they call “nutrition for your skin.” So they launched an intimate spa tucked above New York’s Fifth Avenue, and began specializing in non-invasive facials that delivered major results: The before-and-after photos I've seen could have easily been in a plastic surgeon’s office. Droopy necks were banished, jowls disappeared, and cheekbones were accentuated. I've tried it myself, and trust me: Martyn and her team of facialists know what they're doing.

And given the spa and brand's reputation, we tapped the iconic, holistic skin care duo for three easy takeaways you can use at home.

1. Give your products time to work.

“I think being a beauty butterfly and going from one brand to the other too fast without giving active ingredients in products a chance to do their magic is one common mistake in skin care,” says Morariu. “We all want instant gratification and certainly products are designed to give you an immediate glow, but there are a second tier of ingredients whose benefits unfold only after weeks of continuous usage.” 


2. Enzyme peels will give you the most for your money.

“A good fruit acid and enzyme mask with a low enough pH and an anti-inflammatory ingredient cocktail built-in is the best way to deliver results at home,” says Morariu, like the Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant. (Editor’s note: for an extra step, we recommend taking it into the shower to increase efficacy and results.) 

3. Rethink your toners. 

Toners and essences had a major resurgence of late, but some are still confused about the step. "Traditional toners contain alcohol that dries out the skin, says Moraiu. "When toners are made without alcohol, they can do wonderful things like purify, brighten, tighten pores, remove excess sebum or dirt and even address breakouts." 

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