This Supplement Is A Total Game-Changer For Proactive Immune Support, Say mbg Reviewers*

mbg Senior Health Editor By Kristine Thomason
mbg Senior Health Editor
Kristine Thomason is the senior health editor at mindbodygreen.
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It seems fair to say that immune health has been pretty top-of-mind over the last year. At mbg, when it comes to supporting our immune systems, we're all about proactive versus reactive measures.

While sleep, movement, and gut health are all important pieces of the immunity puzzle—we also know that most of our immune systems could use a bit of extra, regular care. That's exactly why we created the newest addition to our supplement repertoire: immune support+.

immune support+

immune support+

Daily immunity shield to strengthen your body’s natural defenses*

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
immune support+

This supplement is designed to strengthen your body's natural defenses and serve as a daily immunity shield.* It includes a trifecta of powerhouse immune-supporting nutrients (vitamin C + vitamin D3 + zinc bisglycinate), along with cutting-edge bioactives quercetin and beta-glucan.* These strategic ingredients work together to support a healthy and resilient immune system.*

We're incredibly proud of this science-backed formula, which makes it very convenient to get an array of immune-supporting components in one supplement—and we absolutely love hearing how immune support+ has become an important part of so many individuals' well-being routines.* Here, mbg reviewers share their take on immune support+:



"I was previously taking most of the ingredients in immune support+ as separate products and was relieved when I found this product where they're all rolled into one! I'm constantly looking for ways to strengthen my immune system, and this product does just that."*


"So happy I added this to my routine!"

"I am big into supplements, and it's not often you come across such a well-rounded and evidence-based formula to help with daily immune support. So happy I added this to my routine!"*


"I feel better going about my day."

"Immune support and highly bioavailable ingredients are such hot topics these days: immune support+ combines both into one product. I feel better going about my day knowing that I'm strengthening my body's natural resilience. I recommend!"*


"This has all of the essential tools."

"As a super active person, I try to check off all the boxes—but when I start getting pulled in every direction, sometimes I don't sleep enough, eat as well as I would like, or have time to exercise. That's why I love how immune support+ has the perfect ingredients to give my body what it needs for a balanced immune response and gives me that peace of mind that if I don't check off every box every day, my immune system has essential tools to stay resilient. It helps me keep my defenses up, so I can let my defenses down."*

—Andy S.

"mbg's immune support+ is like a 5-in-1 play."*

"Who isn't thinking about immune health these days? I know I am. I've been waiting for a supplement to combine the top immune-centric ingredients in meaningful amounts. Finally, mbg's immune support+ is like a 5-in-1 play—love it. This saves me time and money. Thank you, mindbodygreen! Plus, I trust mindbodygreen's supplement quality and that their ingredients are backed up by science."*

—Jenna D.

"An insurance policy."*

"With two active kids, also known as adorable germ-collectors, and work that requires talking to people for 12 hours daily, I feel like I am constantly bombarded by things that challenge my immune system. For some time now, I've been taking vitamin C and zinc as a precaution and added vitamin D3 because of crazy 2020. For me, immune support+ added two active ingredients to these three immunity staples for stronger protection. With this combo, I feel more confident, my sinuses are way clearer, and it is only two capsules instead of a whole packet of pills I used to take (major bonus!)."*


"Peace of mind."

"I started taking this product because I was looking to proactively strengthen my immune system and give myself a little peace of mind. So far I've been loving this product, AND I know I can trust mindbodygreen when it comes to quality and efficacy."*

—Caroline R.

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