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5 Tips For Looking Beautiful Without Makeup

V Roberts
V Roberts
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I think I speak for all women when I say we want to feel beautiful. Not just look beautiful, but feel it. Feel it from the inside out. Radiate it. Embrace it. And do it without caking on layers of makeup.

Now don't get me wrong: I'm the type of girl who neeeeds to apply some concealer in order not to scare small children when I walk out the door. But lately I have been paring down my glam routine in an attempt to love how I look sans makeup.

The first week didn't go so well. I felt naked without makeup. I felt bashful with a bare face. And I felt like a second-rate me.

However, I quickly realized that if I was going to stick to this fresh-faced new me, then I was going to have to incorporate some new natural skincare tricks to help me feel beautiful without makeup.

Curious to know what I did? Read on.

1. Make SPF your new BFF.

I'll admit it, during my 20's I was reckless. I rarely used sunscreen, I baked out in the sun for hours, and never once considered the damage I was causing my skin.

I'm now paying for that behavior in my 30s, and let me tell you, I wish I could shake my twentysomething self.

These days I make it a morning priority to slather on the sunscreen whether it is sunny or not.

You see, nearly 80% of our overall sun exposure is incidental (according to the Sun Safety Alliance), meaning those walks to the car, that stroll through the dog park, or the errands you ran on your lunchtime are all adding up to premature wrinkles and skin damage if you don't slap on the SPF.

It's such a simple tweak to make. Just apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen each day during your morning routine to help keep your skin looking as young and healthy as possible.

It may seem like no big deal, but trust me: clear, healthy, glowing skin is one of the easiest ways to feel beautiful without makeup.

2. Drink your morning cup of hot... water?

I love me a nice cup of tea to start the morning, but lately I have been making the switch to plain old hot water with lemon.

Yes, it sounds boring, but incorporating a cup of hot water and lemon is one of the best things you could do for yourself in the morning. Not only does it help to wake up your senses but it flushes and purifies your body of toxins, while also reducing your chance of future skin sensitivities.

Besides, water hydrates your body, which keeps your skin supple so you can rock that dewy glow... without having to apply highlighter to get the same effect.

3. Get your scrub on.

Speaking of dewy glows, incorporating a simple exfoliation twice a week will ensure your dry, dead, and dull skin cells don't suffocate your skin and block up your pores.

You see, when we don't scrub the lifeless layers of skin off our face, those dead skin cells become opaque and don't reflect light properly, causing our skin to look, well, blah.

To combat this, mix equal parts of baking soda and water and give it a good stir. Once it is properly combined, apply it to your face and rub it into your skin gently for up to two minutes.

When your two minutes are up, wash it off, pat dry and moisturize with a few drops of coconut oil. Then just stand back and marvel at how healthy your skin looks.

4. Keep hands off.

We all catch ourselves doing it – resting your chin in your hand, popping pimples, rubbing your eyes or massaging your forehead. And you know what? It's hurting your skin.

Since the skin on our face is the most delicate on our body, it is easily damaged, stretched, and torn.

Each time you rub your eyes. Each time you tug at your skin. Each time you rest of face on your hand. Each time you scratch your face or pick at your skin or pop pimples, you are causing micro-tears in your skin.

These micro-tears eventually lead to future wrinkles, and what's more, they can also cause a gradual degradation of your skin.

Moral of the story?

Keep your hands off your face. Enough said.

5. Tea is for tanning.

If there is one quick and easy way to feel beautiful without makeup, it's with a healthy hue.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying head outside and bake in the sun or run to your nearest indoor tanning salon and embrace your inner Snooki.

I'm simply suggesting you get your DIY on and create your own tan.

All you need is tea.

To make your own self-tanner:

  • Boil two cups of water.
  • Add in 5 tea bags and allow them to steep for about 20 minutes.
  • Once your tea has cooled, remove the tea bags and pour your tea into a clean spray bottle.
  • Standing in either your shower or bathtub, spray yourself one body part at a time, allowing your skin to dry before applying another coat.
  • Allow your skin to completely dry before getting dressed.

Not only will you have a killer faux-glow, but your skin will feel moisturized and soft. It's a win-win!

I know first hand how challenging it can be to feel like your gorgeous self when you're barefaced and vulnerable; but if you can work these five tips into your daily routine your skin will look healthier than ever, giving you a darn good reason to feel beautiful without makeup

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V Roberts
V is the cheeky creator of where she blogs and vlogs about all things skincare - from sassy product reviews, such as the best anti-aging cream, to savvy DIY tricks - she helps her readers to look as good as they feel. Without spending big money. Which is a good thing, because it means there's more money for wine!