How To Layer Your Skin Care The Right Way

Image by Miachel Breton / mbg Creative

With thousands of natural products at your disposal—serums, oils, toners, creams, and spot treatments, to name a few—wondering which ones to apply and when is a completely legitimate, smart, and worthwhile question. 

In general, yes! You can layer your skin care. Skin care layering is especially effective for people with dry skin or who are looking for extra hydration in cold or dry climes (ahem, hey, winter). When layering skin care, the general rule of thumb is to apply product by texture and formula from lightest to heaviest. Products containing mostly occlusive ingredients have a tendency to sit atop the skin, while water- and gel-based products actually absorb into the skin. This is where getting the sequence correct is important: If you use a face oil and follow with a serum, for example, you're preventing your serum from working and creating conditions for clogged pores. That's wasted money, time, and potential skin issues born from a simple and easy-to-tweak methodology glitch.

Tune in to this short video to get the skin care layering sequence down pat! And know that it's a starting point—sometimes the order varies slightly depending on the products you use and their ingredients. 

Products used in this video:

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