How To Jade Roll Your Face

Here at mbg, we believe that beauty is uniquely yours. In our video series Bare Your Beauty, we break down various techniques, rituals, and how-tos designed to help you feel good in your own skin, whether your goal is to de-stress, update your skin care regimen, or try a new look. 

Jade rolling may seem like a New Age beauty trend—WWD recently named it so, natural beauty brands are beginning to offer jade rollers as beauty tools for the first time, and if you have any inclination toward healing or beauty, you're bound to see it on your Instagram feed (or at least on your discover page).

But the idea of using jade as a healing stone for skin is thousands of years old. Gua sha, a bodywork technique that practitioners believe moves stagnant and unhealthy energy through the blood, uses the jade tool as a scraping mechanism. Some modern skin care practitioners use a gentler version of gua sha techniques on the face. Jade stones are known to be particularly healing, bringing harmony and balance into life.

Below, mbg collective member, fitness instructor, and founder of be.come Bethany C. Meyers, shares her jade rolling know-how. Bethany uses Lumion serum in the video (it's her personal favorite), but any water-based serum or hyaluronic acid will work well! Happy rolling!

Read more about gua sha here.

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